July 7, 2009

My new hobby

I love reading books - when I have the time, that is. But when do I, a working mom of 3, ever have the time? NEVER! I can’t remember the last book that I read – let alone enjoyed and finished. It has been a really loooonnnng time!

Well, last Wednesday we went camping with April, Rick, Kaulana, Michelle and baby Maddy for the 4th of July holiday. Rick had purchased a book and brought it with him (presumably so he could read it – he he – sorry Rick!).

On Thursday morning, almost everyone went 4-wheeling but I stayed at the trailer with a kiddo who didn’t want to go. I spotted Rick’s book and thought “hmm, I will just read a few pages and see if it is any good”. The book had vampires in it which I really don’t like because I don’t do scary, evil, monstery type of books but I was hooked! It is more about a love story (I’m a romantic at heart!) and not evil although there was definitely some action in it. The book was Twilight and was approx. 550-600 pages. I finished it Friday night. Then Saturday we went into town to get some supplies at Target. I may or may not have purchased the sequel New Moon (another approx. 600 page book) and devoured it by Sunday night. It is safe to say that I was “addicted”.

I don’t know if it is because I haven’t read anything for a long time so I just went crazy reading or if it was because they are really good books, which I think they are, but either way, I thoroughly enjoyed them. I am now anxiously waiting for the 3rd book to come out in August in paperback so I can read that one too.

So if you have any really good books that you have just loved, let me know. I think I may have a new hobby developing!

So the question now becomes: will I be able to wait til August when the paperback comes out or will I cave and buy the hardcover?


Nikki said...

I love to read too, only my family totally suffers when I get into a good book. I've been avoiding the Twilight series for that reason. We do a book club for one of our Relief Society enrichment activities. We read one book every two months! I love it. I have ready so many different books, some I definitely wouldn't have picked out on my own, but still enjoyed. I post reviews on my blog if you are interested. Happy reading!

Melissa said...

It's the books. Everyone who's ever read them, myself included, gets totally and completely hooked. Twilight is my all time favorite book now. I went and bought the hardcover of Twilight, so it would match the rest of my set. Crazy, especially from me, el cheapo. Try the library if you don't want to cave. That's where I get all my books and if I REALLY like them, then I'll go buy them

Truman Family said...

HI Aunt Jen!
So you're hooked on Twilight too? Everyone in Young Womens, and Relief Society too, it would seem, is hooked. It seems very popular. I haven't read it, but I'm glad that you get a chance to read. I love reading.
Jessica T.