July 16, 2009

Almost done!

I am on the 4th book of a 4 book series and I am so close to the end I can smell it. I can’t wait to finish it!

I have been staying up til 1 or 1:30 am to read. I only let myself read at night when everyone else is in bed because if I read during the day, NOTHING gets done and the kids start feeling completely neglected. Although yesterday I did slip and read between laundry loads and feeding the kids (technically, they weren’t totally neglected because I did feed them, right?)

I could have finished the book last night but I was so tired from staying up late so many nights in a row that I crashed at 10 pm and didn’t get my reading in. I woke up this morning thinking “gotta read, gotta read” so I did . . . while putting my make up on. Let me just say this is not as easy as I thought it would be! Ha ha!

Without giving away the ending, here is what happened: I got to a part where one character is saying goodbye to another character because they think they are going to die and I immediately tear up. (I don’t do goodbyes very well – obviously) So there I am trying to read with blurred vision, trying to put my make up on with blurred vision and then Kurt calls. Trying to hide any emotion in my voice, I answered the phone.

Now I am sure most of you have noticed that there is a HUGE difference between men and women and so he would have thought I was completely silly for tearing up over a book. However, I am sure that if he had been home he would have hugged me and kissed me and told me how much he loves this emotional, feminine, silly side of me, like he does anytime I cry during a movie.

But he wasn’t home and I was suppose to be getting ready for work and I am sure he would have realized that reading during that process was bound to slow me down so I quickly put the book away and got ready.

I am down to the last chapter and dying to finish it but I am going to be good and wait until everyone goes to bed tonight.

I can wait.


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Nikki said...

Love it! I have spent the last two days completely engrossed in "The Da Vinci Code." My family has totally suffered, but fortunately my sister is in town and has made up for my lack of mothering. Have fun with the last chapter...I totally understand.