July 20, 2009


Yessiree - I finished the book and therefore, the whole series. Ah, it feels like such an accomplishment.

I really enjoyed the books; although the last book wasn't my favorite but at least it had an ending that I felt satisfied with. It would have been the worse to read all 4 books and then not like the ending!

Now I need to find another book to read because I have myself on this funny sleep cycle now and am usually up late, laying in bed, NOT falling asleep. Although it did work out good for this weekend because Kurt had another home show and so I didn't get to see him all weekend, except at nights so we stayed up watching movies together. It was very nice. We rented Push (which we didn't like or even finish) and Knowing with Nicolas Cage (kind of freaky but not so scary in the end).

Oh, and just for the record - when I came home last Thursday, I didn't make it for 5 minutes in the house before I picked up the book and finished it. Ha ha ha - so much for willpower! The kids were all playing nicely in the toy room so I took full advantage of that time and cruised through the last chapter.

Oh, and just a little OCD confessional - I bought the movie! Oh, ya! Hey, Blockbuster had a table where you could buy 3 movies for $20 so it was only $6 - you can't pass up that great deal! Plus I got Fireproof (great movie that I was going to buy anyways) and I let the kids pick a movie too.

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Melissa said...

Don't feel bad, I totally bought the movie, the day it came out, for full price. I also saw it in the theater. The last book wasn't my favorite either, but the ending was good.