July 14, 2009

a GREAT weekend

This last weekend was a WONDERFUL weekend!

First, and most importantly, my mom went to the dr. on Friday for her 3rd shot and didn't have to get it! YIPPEE! Her white cells had come up enough with the first 2 shots that the 3rd was not needed. Boy, was she relieved (and so were the rest of us)!

Then her dr. called Friday night to let her know that her blood work came back and that her tumor markers dropped A LOT! This is a great sign that the chemo is working! We were, and still are, SO EXCITED!

Then the best husband ever, which happens to be mine, surprised me with the 3rd book in the Twilight series. He went out and bought the hard cover for me "just because". Plus he got me a sushi roll that I really love too! Isn't he the best!

I finished the book last night and will be purchasing the 4th and final book shortly.

Ah, it was truly a wonderful weekend! We are all truly blessed!

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