May 3, 2016

T's BIG crash

On April 17th, T had a big crash on his bike. I am not a competitive person (at all!) and I just don't understand boys and the need to compete but they do. We went for a walk to the park. Evan was walking with us and T was on his bike. The discussion turned to who was faster: T on his bike or Evan running and, of course, they had to find out. The first lap was fine. Evan went easy on T and T easily won. No big deal. They decided to do it again. This time Evan turned up the speed and was actually racing T. And as you can imagine, there was a collision. A determined-to-beat-big-brother-4 year old peddling his heart out on a bike is not the most coordinated rider and he ran into the back of Evan. T went flying over the handle bars and landed on his face. Luckily the helmet took the brunt of the fall and the face just slid on the ground. The poor boy was beat up!

There were tears for quite awhile on this one and he wanted Evan by his side the entire time. He sure loves his big bro! We had him sleep in our room so we could hear him and check on him during the night and he wanted Evan to sleep right next to him. They fell asleep holding hands. Such sweet boys!

That poor little face and lip!

Can you see how swollen his lip is?

For the past year I have been dappling in essential oils. I have heard such great things about them so I have been trying them out. I burned myself pretty good last year and used them on my burn. Within 20 minutes the pain was gone. It was amazing. I am so impressed with their ability to assist the body with the natural healing process (I think I said that correct for the FDA).  Anyways, I tried them out on T's wounds. Thanks to a friend's recommendation, I mixed up Melaluca, Lavender and Frankincense in a little spray bottle with some water. Several times a day (maybe 3-5) I would spray it on his wounds. He hated it! It wasn't because it stung but because he wanted me no where near his owies! He won't use bandaids and doesn't want anyone to touch or even breathe near his boo-boos. It makes caring for him a little challenging.

This picture was taken exactly 1 week after his accident. One! Week! Look at that! I think that is amazing! He only had the scab left on his forehead and that puppy was so loose it was driving me nuts.

This is the very next day - the scab was 90% off and just hanging on by a thread. We called it his horn. He refused to let me touch it.

It fell off that night and his beautiful little face was all better. 

The interesting thing is that he had wounds on his knee and wrists that I didn't spray with the oils nearly as much. I was so worried about his face that by the time I got done spraying those, I didn't want to fight him anymore to spray the knee and wrists. His knee and wrists took another week to heal. I took him in the bathroom after that scab on his forehead fell off and showed him his new skin on his forehead and the scab still on his knee. He started to understand how the spray had helped him. He now wants to spray the "magic spray" on every little mark on his skin. 

I know a lot of people don't believe in the essential oils but I have been impressed with the assistance the oils provide in helping the body. I'm sold!

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