May 2, 2016

Our trip to Utah

Kurt's brother, Paul, had a birthday on March 1st. He was turning the big 5-0. Kurt's other brother, Jared, was flying to Utah to be with Paul on his birthday and we thought we should join the party too so we drove to Utah.

We went to Zion National Park. Jared had never been there before so Dad and Julie wanted to show him around. We hiked to Weeping Rock.

Richard, Kurt and Jared

This earth we live on is so beautiful. We truly enjoying traveling and exploring nature.

After our last hike (I can't remember the name of it), we decided to stop at the lodge and relax in the rocking chairs.

Starting in the back: Richard, Julie, Kurt, Trevor, Hailey and Evan.

The next few days we spent with Paul.

All the boys - Richard, Jared, Paul, Kurt, Evan and T

We had a lot of fun ~ we took a drive, we went to the movies and we went to the mall. 

At the mall, Trevor found all these toys and had to try out every single one! He had a blast!

We don't actually put money in for our kids to "ride" them. We just let them sit in them and play. Well, we went into another store and when we came out, other kids were playing on these toys . . . except their parents put money in and they were moving. Trevor looked at us like "hey, I didn't know they could do that?"

We had to drive home on Tuesday, which was Paul's actual birthday. We had to get back to work and school ~ the kids were back in regular school so we didn't have the flexibility we had with homeschool. Evan had just started the week before and we pulled him out for 2 days already. 

Paul wanted to do something BIG for his 50th birthday. He talked with Travis, the administrator at his home, and they decided to do a 50 mile bike ride. They had done a triathlon together before and thought a bike ride would be a great way to celebrate Paul's birthday. On March 1st, Paul's birthday, Travis and Paul did a 50 mile bike ride! We were so bummed to miss all the excitement. They did a great job. Here is an article written up about it (click here).

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