May 2, 2016

Catching up on some randomness

I realized I hadn't posted in awhile so I grabbed my phone to see what has been happening the last few months. Time sure is flying! Here is some of the random things we have been up to:


We signed Evan up for basketball for the winter season. He had lots of friends on his team this time. They had a pretty rough season (not sure if they even won a game) but they had fun. They played hard every game, even when they were down by 20+ points. We were very proud of their efforts! 

Evan is black #11.

He came home from one game with a fat lip. 4th grade boys basketball is tough stuff! =-)

Most of the games are Friday nights at 5 or 6, right at dinner time. So it has become tradition that we go out to dinner after the game with friends. I think Friday nights are one of my favorite nights!

Kurt's gut

Long story short - Kurt's vascular surgeon decided he wanted to try a procedure on Kurt's aneurysm. This is the doctor that was assigned to Kurt when he went into the hospital. We have never been super thrilled with him so we decided to get a 2nd opinion. We did the insurance authorization battle and got him into the UC Davis Vascular Department and met with a doctor down there. We really liked this doctor a lot. He was a lot more confident in Kurt's condition and what we should do. He said "no way, don't do the procedure." He said poking around in a dissected artery isn't the best idea because you don't know how it is going to react. We then had to decide which doctor to follow. We went with the one that said "no way." Here is a picture of the aneurysm. It is the big white blob that the arrow is pointing to. We had never seen this view before and thought it was kind of cool.


Hailey and Evan have gone back to regular school and so T has had to adjust to not having Evan around to play with. I was working with Kayla one day and T walked in like this. He had found some electrical tape and decided to be creative ~ better than playing on some electronic device so I told him to go for it. He had a blast!


After one particular hard day with T, I went in to check on him to make sure he was asleep. I just looked at that sweet little face and my heart melted. He tries so hard to keep up with his siblings and I have to remind him, and myself, that he is only 4. He is such a sweet boy and I just want to squish him and love on him! 

Minion Madness

In February, Evan had his Blue and Gold event with Cub Scouts. It was a minion theme and you had to provide 12 cupcakes to be judged. After school, we worked really hard to get all our minions done. Evan's (school) class had a flu bug going around (1/2 the kids were absent that day!). After dinner Evan said "my tummy feels funny." We ended up not going to the event because I didn't want to contaminate other families. We had minions to eat for a long time!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Enough said!

Looking Comfy

This boy likes to be comfy when he watches tv. I came down the stairs and found him like this.

 Personal Headrest

Cooper is such a good sport ~ even when Evan is using him as a headrest.

Working Out

Evan is a very conscience kid - about everything! We were talking one day about exercising and how it is healthy for his body. He then wanted to go to the park and exercise. He ran into a buddy at the park that decided to join him. They did pull ups, leg squats, and ran laps around the park (they went over a mile). It was so cute to see him enjoying exercising and talking with his friend.

Date Night

Our friends, Erik and Amanda, asked us to join them on a date night one night. We went to a new restaurant, Buck and Sadie's, and then to Petroglyph. We had a great time! It was so fun to just sit and talk and enjoy each other's company.

Kurt picked a little gecko to paint.

I picked a mug.

Such a fun night!

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