December 6, 2015

Truckee Cabin Trip

October 2015

We were invited by the Evan's to go to a cabin in Truckee with them for a weekend. We were so excited! A whole weekend together! The Evan's moved about 15 minutes away but we never seem to see them anymore so a whole weekend was awesome!

We only made it 20 minutes out of town before we had to stop for food. We got a later start than we thought we would so lunchtime snuck up on us and the kids were hungry. Taco Tree in Auburn saved the day!

The cabin was awesome! It was so nice! And and added bonus - Kurt's truck fit in the garage. His truck has never seen the inside of a garage because of the rack on top of it. He was so excited! (That is Evan on the truck).

The kids had a blast playing together! And they got along so well!

The big girls had a very cute and comfy room.

Hailey enjoying the comfy chair.

 One morning Rebecca and I went on a walk. It was so nice to have a conversation that wasn't interrupted 20 billion times . . . well, at least not interrupted by kids. We were walking up hills so it was interrupted by us trying to catch our breath and giggle at the same time!

All of us in front of the cabin.

We had planned all these outdoor activities but Saturday it rained most of the day so we were inside for most of it.  We did sneak out between rain storms for a little hike. It was cold and windy and on the way back it started pouring! We were drenched but have some fun memories of hiking in the rain!

The Evan's family

Me and Rebecca

On Sunday it was sunny and warm again so we went on a bike ride. We had hauled all 11 bikes up there so we were determined to use them before we left. We rode along the Truckee River. It was beautiful!

Not far into the ride, Trevor's bike blew a tire so Kurt strapped it to his handle bars. Doug and Rebecca have a 2 seater pull behind bike. Luckily there was an empty seat so Trevor hopped on with Grayson. 

Poor Doug then had to pull 2 boys (who fought over whether to peddle or not) and Doug's bike didn't have any gears. The way out was pleasant because it was mostly down hill but the way back was rather brutal for poor Doug, hauling 2 boys up hill with no gears. At one point, Kurt put Trevor on his back and rode like that. It was crazy but we made it back.

And to reward all our hard work, we stopped for ice cream!

Found this gem on my phone!

 2 little buddies.

What a great weekend! We sure love the Evan's family!

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