December 12, 2015

Other randomness

I can't believe it! I finally did it! I was so far behind in blogging but I now have officially gotten the blog caught up! Whew! That was a challenge but I am so glad that I did it.

Here are some other random happenings from around here this year:

 Earlier this year Trevor was running away from me. I can't remember why but it was probably something like I asked him to wash his hands or let me comb his hair or something and he took off laughing and screaming, playing "can't catch me". Well he ran right into the corner of our upstairs cabinet and split his head open. It barely bled, which I thought was weird for a head injury because those puppies can bleed like crazy. I took him to the doctor and the doctor said I could either take him to an Urgent Care and have them do stitches or he could just staple it. He left the room to do something and came back and just stapled his head before I had a chance to tell him my decision. I was leaning towards stitches because I thought those would have been better. I was rather upset that he just stapled him before I told him what I wanted to do. After talking to several parents, including a friend who is a PA, I felt much better. They all said the staple was the way to go. Sure didn't seem like it but it was quite simple. For stitches they would have had to give him shots to numb the area. The shots are just as bad as the staple so you might as well staple it and be done rather than going through the numbing, stitches and then removing the stitches, which would be hard in hair. So anyways, here he is with a staple in his head. Happy little guy. He may be #4 but he is the 1st of our kids to break a bone and to be stapled back together!

I took the kids to Barnes and Nobles one day. Oh man, were they in heaven! I love that my kids love books.

Love this kid and his fun personality!

A year ago, in December 2014, we decided to homeschool Kayla. She finished up the first semester and then after Christmas break, she stayed home. During this summer, Kurt and I debated on rather we should homeschool everyone this school year. It was a really tough decision but we decided to do it so I pulled them out of the school they went to. I knew that if we changed our minds it would be really hard to get them back in so it was really hard to actually pull them out. Our "classroom" was in the dining room, right when you walk in the front door.

It was always a disaster. 3 kids with all their text books plus all the teacher edition books that I get and we had a lot of books! We have since moved the school room upstairs into the bonus room, which had to be rearranged, which lead to the boys room being redone and then we split the girls up and gave them each their own room. It was a crazy time of moving everything. I will have to do a post about all the changes.

Cooper decided he wanted to get in on the learning!

We have been really happy that we pulled them out. We really love our evenings now. Before they were crazy and hectic and now we can just enjoy them. I really like the flexibility and lifestyle of homeschool but unfortunately, it has been really hard with trying to work too. September was okay because I call it the "honeymoon" phase. Everyone was excited and it was new and so it was fun. October hit and I really started to struggle. Running a business and homeschooling 3 kids is a lot to do. Not to mention running a house, grocery shopping, cooking meals, my calling at church, laundry . . . and I am drowning. 

The week before Thanksgiving I hit my wall and said "that's it! Everyone back to school." I got online and registered them for the charter school that they were at before. Hailey and Evan are on the waitlist. Hailey was/is #4 (not too bad) but Evan was #67!!!! 67! Are you kidding me! Sheesh. If we can get Hailey in then Evan will move up the list because students with siblings there get higher priority. So we are making homeschool work until they can get back in. But, honestly, I really don't want them to go back. I am really stuck because I don't want them to go back but I don't know if I can do homeschool either. We are just going to keep plugging along and maybe we will get it figured out.

Kayla has a health class this semester and so one week I had her plan all our PE activities. She planned walking to Costa Vida for lunch one day and walking to the movie theaters another. Those were fun days! Dad met us at the theater and then walked home with us. We had to go pick up his truck later. It was a great family experience. I love that about homeschool. Our kids seem closer to one another too. They still fight but there is a lot more laughing and playing together too.

It was hot on the way home so we had to go get a Jamba to cool off!

A new Bass Pro Shop opened by us this summer so we went to check it out. The boys thought this bear was pretty cool.

Kurt has been doing pretty good. When they did his CT scan in April for his check up, they noticed that his gallbladder looked weird so they referred him to have it checked out. They ran test and discovered that his gallbladder had a polyp in it. When polyps reach 8 mm they start watching them. When they get to 10 mm, it is automatic gallbladder removal surgery because the risk of cancer goes up the larger it gets. Kurt's was already at 15mm so that puppy needed to come out. Long story short, we changed surgeons in the middle of the process so we had to start all over again and the new doctor wanted to run her own tests so it wasn't until October that the surgery got scheduled.

Post op was pretty hard. His blood pressure was really high which freaked us out because of his aneurysm. His blood pressure needs to stay low so there isn't pressure on the aneurysm and with it that high, I started to really worry. After we got him home and pain meds balanced, he did good. It was a pretty quick recovery. We called his vascular doctor and requested another CT scan just to make sure that no damage was done to the aneurysm during that time of high blood pressure. We are currently waiting for the referral to be approved to get him scanned. Otherwise, he has been doing great and can't wait to be able to ski or ride his dirt bike or any of the other things he shouldn't do.  His doctor didn't seem to keen on okaying any of those activities so we will see.

The boys and I were at Costco a few weeks ago and spotted this guy. Every kids needs a bear twice the size of them, right?

Fun times!

Now let's see if I can keep the blog current! Fingers crossed!

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