December 2, 2012

X - Y - Z

A few weeks ago I was talking to a friend at a soccer game and learned a little "secret code." Just thought I would pass it along so you can be as up on the lingo as I now am.

So we were talking (and I don't remember what we were talking about so this conversation is totally made up):

Friend: And then we went there.
Me: Sounds like fun.
Friend: It was so fun. We did this and we did that. Oh, X-Y-Z. And then we went there and then we did that. We just had a really great time.
Me: Wait. What? X-Y-Z. What does that mean?
Friend:(whispering) X-Y-Z  is code for "examine your zipper."
Me: (Blank stare trying to figure out how that played into the conversation.) Oh, my zipper.  Got it! Thanks!

And now friends, you are as cool as me and will now know when someone is trying to give you a secret message that your zipper is down. =~)

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