November 26, 2012

Well, hello again

I sat down to post about our most recent camping trip but the computers just are not cooperating. My computer seems to have decided it doesn't want to work anymore - oh, joy since all my work stuff is on there! And Kurt's computer was being unreasonably slow loading pictures. And I mean it was barely loading them at all. Not sure what the problems are so it is just a simple little post tonight.

Life has been busy. I have all these posts floating around in my head that I want to post but just can't find the time to sit down and do it. So here is a quick little recap (and I may post more detailed posts later about these):

1) Soccer is over - it is a bitter/sweet thing really. While I dreaded homework on the nights with soccer practice, I actually really enjoyed the teams and the games. Both Kayla and Evan played this year and boy were we busy with practice 3 nights a week and 2 games on Saturdays. Luckily most Saturday's worked out that we could go to both games and not miss one. It was a lot of fun watching the kids play. (Definitely a post coming on the soccer season)

2) We went camping last week. It was fun, rainy, beautiful, crazy, stressful and relaxing. Could one trip be all those things? Yes, yes it can. I'll tell you how later.

3) Enjoyed a week off of school but am glad to be back on schedule again. We left for our camping trip the Saturday after school got out and came home on Wednesday, just before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to have 4 days to recoup and clean up after the camping trip before we had to jump back into normal life.

4) Thanksgiving - we had a small little gathering at our house. Yes, we came home from camping on Wednesday and I prepared a Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday. It wasn't really that bad actually. Luckily I had shopped and prepared before we left so it came together nicely.

5) Trevor still is not talking. I can't believe it. The boy gabbers up a storm but doesn't say any real words. I was concerned about it for awhile but after doing some research, I understand that some kids don't talk until 2 so I decided not to worry for several reasons. He has older siblings that get him everything he grunts for so why speak? But mostly I'm not worried because he understands everything we say. I ask him to go get his shoes and he will do it. I ask him to sit down and he will do it. I don't doubt that he knows what we are saying, he just doesn't want to say anything we understand. Just this week he has started repeating "ma ma" back to us if you ask him to. He will also say "da da." The little stinker even "played a trick" on us yesterday. It was the funniest thing. Hailey was asking him to say "ma ma" and he would say it. We would praise him with love, kisses and tickles. Then Kurt walked up and Hailey said "dad, watch, Trevor can say ma ma." Then she said "Trevor, say ma ma" and he looked at me, looked at Kurt and, with a funny little smirk on his face, yelled "da da" and laughed his head off. He thought it was pretty funny and so did we.

So that's just a little bit of whats going on around here. Hopefully I can get a computer to cooperate with me and get some pictures posted soon.

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