December 8, 2012

Our {not so skinny} Christmas tree + 3

Yesterday we went to get our Christmas tree. Evan was going to have a conniption fit if we didn't get it this weekend. Holy moly the boy was obsessed with getting our tree and putting up stockings. I guess saying he is a little excited for Christmas this year is an understatement. So we were good parents and got the tree.

Kurt wanted a tall, skinny tree. He refused to get anything else. The kids wanted a "fluffy" tree and refused to get anything else. You can see who won:

The kids got their "fluffy" tree. It is a lot bigger than we planned on but oh well, they are happy. So today we got the lights on it. Kurt wants to do a ribbon tree this year. Since I have no idea how to do that, we are going to have April and Rick over for dinner sometime and she is going to help us. Hopefully we will actually get that accomplished before Christmas.  ;-)

The last few years our favorite place to get a tree was at WiseBuys because they were $10. Yes, $10. It was awesome. And since we can't keep a tree alive for a week, $10 is a reasonable investment for something that we are going to kill right off the bat. Unfortunately they went out of business this year. Now where to get a tree? We decided to just go to a local nursery that Kurt buys plants at because we get a contractors discount so it wasn't our $10 tree but at least we got a discount.

And while we were there, we found a few other trees we wanted to.

Here is our lemon tree:

Our mandarin tree:

And our grapefruit tree:

Hmm, didn't plan on those trees either but we are very excited for them. We came home and made fresh squeezed lemonade from our new lemons and it was delish!

We added these trees to our apple tree and our blueberry plants. We seem to have a fruit garden going on. Can't wait for all the yummy goodies!

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