February 16, 2012

Only with the 4th baby

We never would have done this as first time parents. Nor as second or third time parents.

But this is what we have sunk to as 4th time parents:

Yes, that would be our then 6 month old with an Oreo cookie.

We hang our heads in shame.

Anyone who knows Kurt knows he has 2 things running through his blood - brownies and Oreos. Well, we now know the apple didn't fall far from this tree.

The funny thing was up to this point Trevor would not eat any food of any type - baby or grown up. We had some friends over for dinner and since we lacked any other dessert, we broke out the Oreo's. Trevor was sitting on my lap and when I grabbed my 2nd cookie he attacked my arm trying to pull it down to his mouth. I finally relented just to see what he would do.

Apparently the Oreo gene in his blood had been activated and he knew just what to do.

He made his dad so proud.

He loved it!
60 seconds of pure Heaven!

Just look at that face!

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