January 26, 2012

Living in 2 totally different worlds

So right now we are totally living in 2 different worlds.

Our downstairs is looking pretty good. I have de-cluttered every room and my new slogan "a place for everything and everything in it's place" is being followed pretty nicely. Ok, honestly, I am following the new slogan. The kids? Not so much but I try really hard not to go to bed until everything is picked up and put in it's place. It is not always freshly vacuumed or dusted but it is decent. Oh, we cancelled the cleaners back in November. It was fun while it lasted but the market slowed down and so we cut expenses. Plus, having a dog and kids and a cleaner just doesn't make any sense. Seriously, after 1 day the place was a mess with dog hair and kids stuff again so it was easy to cut that one. Maybe when my kids are older or something. Anyways, I got sidetracked, sorry. It is so wonderful to wake up to a clean house. If someone were to only see downstairs, they might think I have my act together. However . . .

Upstairs? A totally different story. While cleaning downstairs, I would take whatever belonged upstairs and just place it in that room. Since I hadn't organized that room yet, the item didn't have "a place" so it just got set somewhere.

Well life has gotten busy again. When we first came home and I started cleaning/organizing the kids were still out of school and I could just clean. Now they are back in school and this homework thing is really crimping my cleaning abilities. I haven't been able to attack upstairs like I did downstairs and with everything not having "a place," things have gotten crazy. Every room is a disaster. If someone were to only see our upstairs, they would think I had totally lost control.

So . . . downstairs = happy me, upstairs = blah. . . honestly, I just don't look anymore.

O-well, I'll get to it eventually. I just hope it is sooner rather than later.

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jared & amber said...

Ok, so I'm in the same boat. Everyone sees downstairs and it's the first thing Jared sees when he comes home so I try to keep it clean and picked up. But upstairs...not so much. I have tried putting the pile of clothes next to my bed away for a week now. I totally get it...one day I'll keep it all clean or hopefully have a nanny who can do it for me! :0