January 8, 2012

I am completely obsessed . . .

with totally purging my house of all clutter.

We went on a road trip (blog about that to come) and it was funny how being out of the house and out of our normal routine made me see things differently. And I didn't like what I saw because it was all clutter!

Clutter drive me crazy. I can't stand to have things just to have them, if that makes any sense. So during our 2 - 12 hour drives, I planned, I scheduled, I dreamed of how I was going to get rid of all clutter.

I am giving myself 8 weeks to do the whole house. Here is my schedule:
Week 1 - kitchen
Week 2 - family room, dining room and under the stairs
Week 3 - downstairs bathroom and bedroom
Week 4 - upstairs hallway and toy room/office/school room
Week 5 - girls room and bathroom
Week 6 - boys room and laundry room
Week 7 - our bedroom and closet (scariest room to do)
Week 8 - garage

So far I am ahead of schedule. I have the kitchen, family room, under the stairs and downstairs bathroom completely done and I am only on day 4. Sweet! (When I said "obsessed," I wasn't kidding. I have been majorly OCD about this.)

What am I going to do with all the stuff I am getting rid of? Why the mother of all garage sales, of course! I can't stand doing garage sales but with the amount of stuff I am getting rid of and the quality of stuff, I think we could make some good money. Anything that doesn't sell, we will donate. All my "good for sale" are currently being stored in Kurt's boat. He's thrilled! Actually, when he see's all my hard work and how nice everything is looking, he is very supportive.

So here are some finished pictures:

The kitchen drawers
The spice cupboard
(used to hold plates and dishes)
The biggest change:
The craft cupboard
I should have taken a before picture. The doors literally would not shut because of all the stuff that was jammed in here. And I mean jammed. Not organized at all but now:

Ahh, it feels SO GOOD to get rid of stuff. I can't wait til the whole house is done!


Judie and George said...

It looks great. That was one of the best things about moving downstairs. I had to cut back drastically. It's a good feeling. (Hope you come to the ocean)

The UnMaintained Family said...

Say, I have some things to sell! Can I bring them over for your garage sale day???
Good luck on your de-clutter project.