February 22, 2012

Random Fun

Because Mother Nature has completely fallen asleep at the wheel and we are having amazing weather, Trevor was able to take his first bike ride. And much to his daddy's pleasure, he LOVED it!

At a different time, we drove to school to pick the kids up and had the bikes in the back. My little family rode home while Trev and I had the luxury of taking the truck. Kurt thought getting exercise after school and before homework might help Kayla focus better at home. Uh, nope. Just wore everyone out and then we had cranky kids with less time to do their work. Oh well, we tried.

Trevor LOVES to bounce. Anyone who has tried to hold the little guy quickly realizes that he just wants to jump in your lap. Well, we took Evan to a birthday party at Bounce U and they had these little bouncy horse things and Trevor LOVED it. He just bounced and bounced and bounced the whole time.

Since work has been slow and we had some time on our hands, Kurt decided to do a service project for the kids school. Since it is new, they are still building the playground and such on what used to be a parking lot. There used to be this planter that the kids would run across and a lot would trip so Kurt got permission to tear it out. He didn't hesitate - anytime the boy can demo something, he loves it. So here is the torn out picture:
The kids of course wanted to get in on the action. Since Evan is in Kindergarten and has only a half day, he would spend the rest of the day "working" with the guys. They guys are so good with him and let him help.
I think there may have been of little wanting to be on "this side of the fence" with all the kids out there. The younger kids would just hang on the fence watching us work. It was really cute. I will have to get a finished picture. The play structure, which was donated by the Sacramento Kings, was all washed off today so hopefully, fingers crossed, everything should be open tomorrow. The kids are so excited!
And while Daddy was working at the school, me and Trev would hang out with him. We start training our kids young around here. =)
Alex is our foreman and has been with us for about 11 years now. That just seems crazy but it's true. We absolutely love him. He is an amazing guy with a strong moral character and integrity. We have been so blessed. Well he took 2 days off because his parents were coming from Mexico to visit and he hadn't seen them in 12 years! Can you believe that? And what did he want to make sure they got to do? Meet his boss. So awesome. So he brought them by. Now they don't speak a lick of english and we don't speak a lick of spanish so it went pretty much like this:




His mom was so sweet though. She gave me a big hug and just kept saying stuff to me. I would just smile and look at Alex for the translation. You could just feel their awesome spirits. They were "good people,"; know what I mean?
Just real good people!

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