December 19, 2011

Continuing the tradition

Ever since I was born my grandparents have bought me a new Christmas ornament every year, usually with the year on it. I have an ornament that has my birthdate on it and an ornament that has "My First Christmas." These ornaments are 34 years old. It seems incredible to me that we still have them. Over the years some have broken some but mostly I still have all of them.

My mom started the same tradition with my kids. Every year she has bought them an ornament. This year I wanted the tradition to continue so off to the Christmas store we went.

My mom's friend owns a Christmas store in Folsom. This store has every kind of ornament imaginable.

Want a pickle ornament?
They got it.

Want a cactus?
They got it.

Want a jaguar?
They got that too.

My mom has gone here every year to get the ornaments so there was no where else I was going to go. Ok, it was a little nerve racking with Evan. It is not the most child friendly store - lots of things to touch or knock over. We made a "pointing only" rule to try to limit the amount of touching.

Here are our goods:

(I wrote his name on it)
The boy loves monster trucks!
A jeweled butterfly
A Fairy with a bird
Kayla, as usual, was having a little trouble deciding which one she wanted. She was choosing between 3. I saw this one and said "that looks like one Grammy would have picked" and after that there was no more indecision. She went for the one that looked like Grammy's choice. So sweet.

I knew it might be emotional picking out ornaments. I did really good until I got to my final choice. My mom loved angels. I mean she really LOVED them so I wanted to get an angel to hang on our tree to remind me of my mom. That's what got me. I started tearing up and trying to keep it together while I searched through blurry eyes. I enlisted the help of the kids. Here are our choices:

The kids liked this one because it lights up and the colors change.
This one spoke to me. It is a pretty glass ornament with a beautiful green dress.
I hope my mom is happy with our choices. I am sure she is.

We will continue this tradition and some year we will buy our grandkids ornaments. Man that seem weird! Our grandkids . . . the way time is flying it will be here before we know it.

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