December 18, 2011

34 years old and still growing up . . . but just a little bit.

I am what some would call a picky eater. Always have been. Drove my parents crazy.

I am sure there is a more politically correct name for it now. Maybe "taste bud challenged" or "texture sensitive" or . . ., I don't know, something cool like that.

Well this has been a big year for my pickiness. I have discovered 2 foods that I now like.

The first:
Mmmmm ~ Blueberries!
Love them.
Totally addicted now.
I eat them like they're candy.

And the second?
Would never have ever thought in a million years that I would eat them EVER!
Let alone like them.

I went to a Relief Society dinner and they served them. I didn't want to leave them on my plate like the picky little person that I was so I decided to try them.

And discovered that they were scrumptious.
(I even ate my friends that she couldn't eat because of a nut allergy and they had almonds in them.)

What were they?

The nasty, forever feared:
Green Beans

My poor mom tried for 34 years to get me to eat them and I refused. I am sure she is so proud of me now and saying "see, I told you that you would like them if you tried them."

Maybe in another 34 years I will discover that I like other things like tomatoes or onions or avocados or cheesecake or . . .

But I wouldn't hold my breath!

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The UnMaintained Family said...

Guess what I now love that I NEVER imagined I would?? SUSHI!!! Can you believe? Of course, it only took my taste buds 34 years to grow up too!