December 12, 2011

5 months old already

Where does the time go? I have no idea but if you find out, let me know. I would like to slow it down just a bit.

Trevor is growing soooo fast! And I mean that literally. He is 4 POUNDS heavier than any of our other kids at this age and is wearing size 12 months clothes. Did I mention he is only 5 months old? I think he is trying to catch up to his siblings or something.

So the other day I noticed that I haven't posted any pictures of Trevor since he was 6 weeks old (1st day of school pictures) and that wasn't even about Trevor. So here is a plethora of photos of Trevor.

About 1.5 months

Twiners - she was so excited to match him.
We went camping when he was about 7 weeks. We spent one day at a lake and this is how he spent his time most of the day:

2 months:

Almost 3 months:
3 months:
Kurt's Grandma made this beautiful blanket
1st Halloween:
Scarey, scary picture of me but the best we have of Trevor. He was a candy corn baby. This was coming off the week of NO SLEEP AT ALL and after walking a bazillion miles with Trevor in the front pack and Trick-or-Treating with the kids. The kids are getting older and not wearing out after a few houses anymore. I was a mess but he is cute.
4 months:
Just before he turned 4 months old he cut his first tooth. I couldn't believe it. All the others were 8, 9 or 10 months old. He was an early bird getting 2 teeth at 4 months.

He mastered sitting up at about 4.5 months. He doesn't like laying down at all which is why he was a little slower than our other kids on rolling over but the quickest on the sitting up.
I love this picture of my boys. They both crashed our bed during the night. Kurt and I didn't have much room. In fact, I am not sure where we fit in the bed?
This is what he does while I fold laundry. Well, this and knock over my piles of folded clothes =)
Trev and his friends

5 months:
This is so funny - Kurt took this picture of him and Trevor the other day. He is fake sleeping but aren't they cute!

So many of my pictures were on Kurt's computer and so I haven't blogged about a lot of stuff. I found a quick and easy way to transfer them the other day so now I have all the pictures. I should be able to blog more often now. Yippee!

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