May 14, 2011


My nesting is taking form as a laundry-crazy-mama. I am so on top of laundry right now it isn't even funny. Every dirty article of clothing makes me want to run and throw it in the washer but I try to control myself and wait for a full load.

I also am into putting the clutter away. Not really cleaning as in dusting, vacuuming, and that type of stuff but more just attacking the clutter. Our poor bedroom became a dumping ground and collected everything. I have been working on one section at a time and it is slowly looking like a room we might actually want to sleep in. I will have to take pics when I get it all done.

Does your husband nest? Mine does. With Evan's pregnancy it was painting. He wanted to paint every room. I managed to limit him to the family room and Evan's room. I was 8-9 months pregnant and on the floor trying to trim the moulding and after those two rooms I said no more. Not to mention that trying to pick paint colors was going to drive me insane. We had 9 color squares in our family room and 9 squares in Evan's room trying to decide what colors to use. I finally told him to just pick something - I didn't care anymore - and I do have to say that he picked great colors.

This pregnancy Kurt is into decorating the house. The poor guy was blessed/cursed with a wife who doesn't like to shop. Blessed because he doesn't have to worry about me spending money. Cursed because our house never changes because I don't like to buy anything new. So Kurt has taken this up lately and here are his goods:

A new picture for the family room:
He finally hung this picture above the fireplace. It has sat up there since Evan was 2.
(That's only 3.5 years to hang a picture!)
We got Evan's new room all set up.
Evan shares his room with Cody (who wanted to be in the picture).
The new rug he got for the kitchen.
Cody is modeling the it for you.
After several years of having princess quilts on their beds (the last few years they have complained that it was way too little kidish), we finally got the girls new bed sets. Kurt found them.
We even got them cute sheets to go with it.
I have to say that I think he is doing a great job!

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Melissa said...

Love the kitchen rug and the girls new bed stuff.