April 30, 2011

Up to #3 on "The List"

Congratulations to Doug & Rebecca on the arrival of Grayson Lawrence on April 16th. He is so cute!

With the arrival of Grayson, that moves me up to #3 on "The List" of people having babies. Only Kelly and Jenna to go and then it's my turn. CRAZY!

I think the denial of having another baby is starting to wear off. This week I got the incredibly strong urge to go register and so we did on Thursday. I actually started getting excited looking at all the baby stuff. I still need to go back and finish - having 3 kids and a husband with you really slows down the process and they all started getting warn out.

Also, the nesting instinct has kicked in big time this week. I attacked the girls room the other day. Cleaned out their closet, dressers (Chrissy I have a lot of clothes for you!) and organized all their toys. Whew! Was that a lot of work but, boy, does their room look good.

Then I finally had the energy (or so I thought) to move Evan's room downstairs. I told Kurt "just get the guest bed out of that room and move Evan's bed down and I will move all the rest." Kurt had a design he was suppose to be working on but after I took 2 trips up and down the stairs, I was exhausted and he came to my rescue and moved the rest. Evan is doing great being the only one sleeping downstairs.

Now I have started accumulating baby things in Trevor's room. That sounds so weird - "Trevor's room."

The pregnancy is going good. He seems to be a quiet baby. He isn't a crazy kicker or anything. Most of the time I have to stop and think "have I felt him move lately?" and then sit and wait to make sure he is moving. Which he always does but it is more gentle and "rolley" than kicking. He is a stretcher too. He likes to just slowly stretch out a body part and then curl it back up.

Here is a shot of my 31 week belly:
I didn't realize that I hadn't taken belly shots for 7 weeks. Wow! That time slipped away. Only 9 weeks until my due date. I always go over so I am sure it will be a bit more than 9 weeks but our countdown is into the single digits!

Life is still crazy.
* Staples did in fact lose everything on our computers so I have nothing. Still trying to figure out how to fix that and get a handle on our bookkeeping - especially our accounts receivable.
* Kayla is sick again running 103 fever since Sunday. Today she started with no fever but has slowly increased all day back up to 102.6. I am taking her to the dr. tomorrow if she still has it.
* We are having a really hard time getting back into school work. This week the girls had STAR testing (which Kayla missed) so luckily we didn't have work for a few days.
* The dog is on his 4th ear and skin infection and we have another appt for him on Monday.

Exciting news:
* Kurt has signed more work! Woo hoo! We are now booked a few months out. Amazing! Such wonderful blessings!
* I applied to enroll the kids in a new charter school starting up this fall. Evan has been accepted but the girls are on a waiting list. Hopefully they will get in. I just don't think I will be able to homeschool 3 kids (1 being a kindergardener and needing undivided attention), run a business and take care of a new baby. May be just a bit too much so hopefully this school will work out.

Life is just cruisin' along. One busy day after another. I could sure use a few more hours each day to keep up on things but I guess it will all get done when it gets done.

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Melissa said...

You can come to my house and do laundry. I have plenty to keep you busy.