January 10, 2011

Our Baby is 10!!!!

WOW! I can't believe our baby is 10.
That's double digits people!
It seems like yesterday she was born and we were sent home from the hospital wondering what in the world they were thinking letting us leave with her. Crazy people! Couldn't they tell we had no clue what to do with her?
Happy Birthday Kayla!
Kayla is such a sweet girl. She is super artistic and I love to see her drawings; which she does a lot of! She is a great big sister and is getting really good at looking out for the younger ones and taking care of them. She is naturally quiet and shy but is trying to branch out and meet new friends. Kayla has her struggles but she also has this determination to overcome them. We are so impressed with her! Kayla is really smart and does good at school. Even though she doesn't enjoy math, she excels at it! And she loves to read too. She is my outdoors girl. She loves to dig in the mud, explore, create, invent and run. Her favorite game to play is hide and seek because she is a really good hider and, being naturally quiet, she can sit very quiet for a long time patiently waiting for someone to find her. Hailey and Evan usually have to ask me to help them find her.
Kayla, you rock!
We are so blessed to have you in our family. We love you so much and think you are an awesome girl.
Here are some pics of Kayla's first year. Because she was born in the stone-age (aka: before digital cameras), I had to take pictures (very quickly before we came to work today) of pictures in her scrap book so the color and centering aren't the best but it's what we got.
Our due date with Kayla:
Little stinker ended up being 2 weeks late. Yep, I was 42 weeks pregnant. It was a long 2 extra weeks!
This is Kayla's photo taken by the hospital:

I love this picture of Kurt. He was sooooo excited. I can just feel his excitment in this picture. What a proud daddy!
Plus, look how young he looks!

I love this picture of us. It was Thanksgiving right before Kayla's 1st b-day so she was about 10 1/2 months old. We rented a cabin with the Aston's and Hansen's and cut our own Christmas trees. It was so fun! She was all bundled up in Kurt's jacket to keep her warm and she passed right out.

Happy 1st Birthday Kayla!

She loved the balloons from her birthday party. She just played and played in them FOR EVER!

(I couldn't get this one to turn like the others???)

You would never think that today she is scared of balloons.
Look how happy she was!

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