January 12, 2011

Babies, Babies, Babies

This is the year for babies! It seems like everyone is expecting. Ok, maybe not EVERYONE but a lot of people are. I know someone due with a baby in every month this year through July. Crazy!

January - Lisa (Kurt's cousin) is due with a boy.
February - Kerri (friend of a friend) is due with a boy.
March - Brittany (our niece) is due with a girl.
April - Rebecca (our friend) is due with a boy.
May - Kelly (our friend) is due with a girl.
June - Jenna (friend at church) - to early to know.
July - Julie (friend of a friend) - to early to know.
July - Me - Dying to find out!
July - Honor (Kurt's cousin) - to early to know.

So, come on ladies, who is my August? Someone isn't sharing the news!!! I am anxiously awaiting to find out who is filling up the rest of my year!!

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In other news:

I have actually felt human the last 2 days! Woo Hoo! Turns out I had a stomach virus last week on top of the morning sickness! Wasn't much fun. Spent a lot of time on the couch. I believe Evan watched Cars 4 times on Saturday. I believe I now have the movie memorized.

I am 15 weeks today! For some reason, 16 weeks is so exciting to me. I have no idea why but only 1 more week!

I have felt more little movements. Usually only when I am sitting on the couch motionless for awhile and then I feel the little flutters and pokes! I love it!

I still don't look pregnant and everyone is telling me so. Which is fine. The way my first trimester started I thought I would be huge but turns out I was sooooo bloated it wasn't funny. The last week or 2 the bloating has gone down so I have actually gotten smaller - funny.

Here is me at 12 weeks:
Here is me today, 15 weeks:
Yesterday I wore my first, official "maternity" outfit. It was new and I was excited to wear it. But this is what I had to do to get the pants to stay up:
Ya, it's a jumbo paper clip thing.
Hey, whatever works!

This baby is not a junk food baby. Cookies, candy, chips, nothing sounds good. I have made my favorite cookies (oatmeal chocolate chip - mmmmm) 3 times and every time I don't even want to try them. So sad!

This baby does crave fruit though; which winter isn't the best fruit season. What I wouldn't do for a big batch of red, juicy, ripe strawberries! I have been able to find raspberries that were pretty good and grapefruit. Grapes I struggled to find but I managed to find some ok ones the other day. I had to wait over a week for some pears to finally ripen.

Approx. 5 more weeks until we find out! I can't wait!

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Lisa and Brian said...

I craved fruit so badly with both my boys but not my girls. In fact that is how I knew I was having a boy this time. And he's here! Carter Jack Gladwell arrived on January 10th at 1:30 a.m.