December 4, 2010

A busy, busy week

Well the last week has been a busy one!

On Tuesday, Nov 23, a 4 year mistake finally ended. 4 years ago Kurt and I bought another house. Originally we were thinking we would move into it. During the last month of construction, we realized the 45 minute drive was a big deal after all and we didn't want to move that far away. We then thought that we could put a killer yard in and sell it; except that's when the market started tanking. We couldn't drop our sales price as fast as the market was dropping. After almost a year of 2 mortgage payments we decided to rent it out. So for the last 3 years we have had renters that helped with the mortgage (rent covered about 1/2 the mortgage - nice!). In January of this year we discovered that we could no longer support that money pit and decided to try to sell it again. And it took 11 months to happen. It looked like all was good until one of the banks came back and decided to change things at the last second. We thought it was going to fall out but by some miracle it didn't and on Nov. 23rd we got rid of a huge mistake. Whew! Does that feel good!

Then Thursday was Thanksgiving! And I have to be honest and say "WE CHEATED!" Before we found out I was pregnant, I told my mom that I would make Thanksgiving dinner so she didn't have to worry about anything. Then the morning sickness started and I thought "how in the world am I going to pull together dinner?" My mom must have had the same thought because a week before Thanksgiving she called me and said that we should order dinner from Safeway. I totally agreed and that is what we did. We only had to heat things up and it was pretty good. Or at least that is what everyone else said. I could only manage to get rolls down.

Then Friday Kurt's dad and Julie flew in from Utah and we had the mad dash to get ready for Saturday because . . .

on Saturday Hailey was baptized!!! She is such a sweet girl and the baptism was very nice. She was baptized with a girl from her class. After the baptism we had a lunch at our house for approx. 26 people. It all went very smoothly and I was extremely thankful for all the help. I will have to post pics later - I think they are still on Kurt's phone. Then that night we went to Margo's for dinner.

Sunday was a relaxing day. We went to April and Rick's for dinner.

Monday was . . . I don't remember much of Monday. Must have been relaxing too.

Then Tuesday we had our first dr. appt! Woo Hoo! Except it was really boring. We just met with the OB Coordinator who asked a bunch of questions. Then we met with the Physicians Assistant and she asked more questions. She had come in with the doppler/heart listening thing but was going to leave without using it so I asked her if it was too early to hear the heartbeat. She said it was but that I seemed level headed enough to not freak out if we didn't hear the heartbeat so she agreed to try. We couldn't hear it - bummer - and no, I didn't freak out!

And the on Wednesday, we got to do this:

Our first picture of our peanut. It is amazing to me that something so small can make me so sick! The circle thing is the yolk sac and the baby is laying face down with it's head under the yolk sac. The ultrasound people were running 20 minutes behind so when we first got in there she said "I am very limited at what I can say" and then proceeded to just click and take measurements. I couldn't see the screen and I thought for sure she would say, "ok, we're all done. Have a great day." So while she was clicking away I was planning my attack as to how I wasn't getting off that table until I had seen my baby. But at the end she was super cool. She turned the screen and explained EVERYTHING to us. She had a good picture of it and said that if we hold really still that sometimes we can see it move and as if on cue, the baby moved. So cool! It was a hic-cup like move - so cute! My official due date is July 5th.

Other than all that going on, I have been sick, sick, sick. I just bounce from one thing to the next just trying to survive. Hopefully this will pass quickly! Fingers crossed!

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Honor said...

do you usually have early or late babies? you're so close to the 4th of july!

how exciting!!