December 18, 2010


That's the fun phase I am in right now.

You know the phase: regular clothes are too tight, maternity clothes are WAY to big. Ya, it's a fun phase!

I am using the rubber band around the button routine to wear my regular jeans. The problem I ran into was that my regular shirts were not long enough to cover the fact that my zipper doesn't go all the way up. I really didn't want every person I saw to say "hey, your zipper's down" so I have been wearing Kurt's shirts. Which, sure, they are long enough to cover up but they are huge on me so I feel like I am swimming in fabric and way too frumpy looking. Oh-well, this will pass.

As for the morning sickness front - I am feeling better. I seriously have never felt that sick - I was sick to my stomach ALL THE TIME and had absolutely NO ENERGY. I seriously sat on the couch all day feeling miserable. But the dr. office called last week and told me my thyroid is out of balance. My thyroid issues started when I had Kayla and I haveto take a medicine every morning for the rest of my life. At my first prenatal appt I told the PA that I was FREEZING all the time. I don't just mean cold - I mean FREEZING. I would have the heater cranked, the fireplace going and I would be wrapped in a blanket and still freezing. I would start shivering when I went to bed until the sheets warmed up. It was a bit extreme. She said that could be a sign that my thyroid was out-of-wack so she tested it. She said that the thyroid being out of balance could cause the morning sickness to be worse. Well, she was right - my thyroid was way off. But of course, between the time I did the lab work and the labs came back and they actually called me with the results, my symptoms changed. I am no longer freezing and the sickness has definitely been reduced. Don't get me wrong - it isn't gone but at least I feel like getting off the couch now. So for the last week I have been playing phone tag with my OB's office and my Primary's office (who is out of town) trying to get someone to retest it to see if it has balanced itself back out. So far, no luck. But I have another appt this week so I will get it taken care of then.

As for Christmas shopping - haven't even started! AHHHHH!

I have decided this just isn't a good time of year to have morning sickness. Thanksgiving just isn't the same when all you eat is rolls and you have to avoid eye-contact with the mashed potatoes because just the sight of them wants to send you running from the room. I don't know what it is but I still can't stand the sight of them! The no energy thing has sent Christmas shopping into a tail spin. Oh-well, this too shall pass. This won't be the first Christmas that Kurt and I are out shopping the last days before Christmas.

I am working on getting a Christmas card out. And by working on it, I mean I want to get one out but have not done anything to make that happen but at least I am "working" on it! =)

Merry Christmas!


Honor said...

i feel your pain jen. i have morning sickness so bad right now i literally lie on my bed all day feeling like i'm about to throw up. it sucks. i suppose mine will pass too at some point. blech.

Wendy said...

Congratulations! Very exciting news! (except for the feeling sick part). We're glad you are improving in that department. We are trying to send out Christmas letters and need addresses for our White relatives (April, Paul, Jared, you guys, and Jenny--I have Margo). Could you email me addresses? Thanks!

Truman Family said...

Okay, Jenny is finally going to make an effort to contribute to the family blog. The White's have been such a great example to us. Jessica still has to hold my hand and walk me through the logistics of making a post. I don't know if you can delete links. If you can, could you delete the links from your web page to Emily, Spencer, and Hannah's pages. Only the is in working order. Thanks.