November 23, 2010

I just have to say . . .

that I have the

He has been so sweet and thoughtful since the morning sickness started.

He has made me sit down and relax.

He has rubbed my back.

He has taken upon himself (I didn't even have to ask or hint) to keep the kitchen/dishes clean.

He has been going grocery shopping with me to help me out.

He doesn't get upset with me when I change my mind (a zillion times!)

He is patient with me when I want to go out and then say I want to go home because I don't feel good.

He does anything I ask him too.

And right now he is putting the laundry away because I feel to sick to move and want to go to bed but it is buried under the laundry.

Isn't he awesome?

I definitely think so!


Judie and George said...

He's a White boy, and we who got them for husbands just love them to pieces!

Nana said...

It doesn't surprise us that Kurt is a wonderful husband. He has had an unselfish and loving nature since he was a little boy. His mom said once to me, "I don't feel worthy to be his mother."

It's wonderful that you found each other.

Aunt Dana