November 19, 2010

More Breaking News

No, I don't have any pictures of anything burning.

No, you won't find this news on any news channel.

No, you probably won't find this news on any other blog.

Are you ready?


We are so excited! Well, Kurt and the kids are still excited. I was excited for the first 2 weeks and now I am so sick that excited isn't the word anymore. Happy - yes. Excited - I don't have the energy or stomach to pull off excited anymore. Holy Moly - I forgot how INTENSE morning sickness can be! Ugh!

I am about 7 weeks and due in early July. This fits right in with our pattern. Each baby has been born 2 months before the last one's birth month. Kayla was January, then Hailey was November, then Evan was September so it is only fitting that this one be in July. We have a "every-other-month-thing" going on.

This pregnancy has been so different already. I am really hoping it isn't a "bad/something's wrong different" but a "4th baby has to be different somehow" different or a "my body is older" different or a "I haven't been in the early stages of pregnancy for almost 6 years so I forgot" different. I don't know - just different. But I am sick, so hopefully that is a good sign.

The girls are rooting for a girl and Evan wants a boy (isn't that always the case?). I really don't care either way - I would like a boy so Evan could have a brother but I will be happy girl or boy. Kurt, on the other hand, is determined that it's Trevor (and will correct you if you refer to it as a "she" or "it") and is already planning another one if this one is a girl. Ya, right - only if he gets the morning sickness for the next one! Ha ha! So according to Kurt, it will be the Ev and Trev show. Nice - people already have trouble with the girl's names, why don't we make it confusing with the boys too!

It was kind-of funny how we found out. Remember when Kurt was in the ER? Well, a for a few days before that I had been having a symptom that I had never had with any of the others (see, different). Usually my first symptom is exhaustion, complete and total exhaustion and I wasn't having that so I thought, no, it must be a pre-monthly visitor symptom so I tried to ignore it. Well, Kurt was in the ER on a Sunday and that night I was up all night with him because he was snoring so bad from all the meds they put him on. When I am awake in the middle of the night, my mind gets going on ideas and I have a hard time stopping. So I kept thinking "take a test in the morning" and then I would talk myself out of it with all the reasons why I shouldn't. Then I would talk myself into it with all the reasons why I should. Back and forth all night. Monday, I ignored it again. Then Monday night I was up with him again (got a little more sleep but not much) and the same thing. By Tuesday morning I thought "I am just going to take the darn test so I can stop wondering about it." And I did. I honestly didn't think it was going to be positive. I was shocked. I stared at the test for awhile trying to figure out what was happening.

Then I thought "uh-oh, I'm in trouble." Kurt and I always take the tests together. It's always a "we" thing. Oops! What to do? Well, he was still loopy on all his meds they gave him (he just stopped taking them early in the morning) so there was a chance he wouldn't remember me telling him. I thought about telling him "don't you remember us talking about it?"

Ha ha! No, I didn't really think about tricking him. I just sat down next to him on the couch and whispered in his ear that we were pregnant. He was very excited and shocked. We walked around Tuesday in a daze of shock.

Hailey's birthday was on that Thursday so we didn't tell the kids until Saturday. We played telephone with them at the breakfast table. We let each one start one and then I started one with "We are going to have a baby." Went around, no response. Then Kurt tried "We are really going to have a baby." Went around, no response. Then we tried "Mom has a real baby in her tummy." This went around and you could see the wheels starting to think about this. Finally Kayla says "why are we talking about babies? Is it true?" and we said "yes!" They were very excited. Hailey walked around that day watching my stomach like it was going to magically pop out big with a baby. So funny!

Although, I do have to say that I don't think I thought this pregnancy thing through all the way. We went out to dinner the other night for . . . mmm . . . mmm . . . sushi!


No sushi for me! For. A. Whole. Nine. Months. What was I thinking?!?! I sat there watching Kurt eat his sushi while I ate a teriyaki chicken, rice and veggie bowl. Ugh! I think I really could have cried if I tried! So sad! I told Kurt that he has to bring me sushi in the hospital. We'll see if that happens!

Oh well, the things we sacrifice for our children. If only they knew!

So be prepared for months of belly shots, pregnancy updates, and me complaining about how sick I feel (I'll try not to do that too much). Very exciting stuff!


Honor said...

SO exciting! I'm thrilled for you. Congratulations x 10!!!

and this is completely unrelated ... but did Evan lose a red sweatshirt on your trip here? we might have it if he did.

Andrew and Cori said...

Congrats! What exciting news!! Good luck with your morning sickness... UGH. :)

Kaulana, Michelle, & Madelyn said...

Yay!!! Congratulations!! we are so excited for you guys!!

The Olsens said...

Congratulations! Hope you feel better soon!

emily :) said...

YEAH!!!! Very exciting...perhaps not right this very minute because you are so miserable, but soon! :)

Truman Family said...

Hi Aunt Jen!
That is sooo exciting! Mom told us and everyone was really excited about another cousin, one Braden's age, either a boy or girl. Congratulations!
The Truman Family

B and Jessica said...

Woohoo! You made my day! I'm so happy for you! I'm sorry you can't have sushi! I feel your pain. It truly is a sacrifice.

The UnMaintained Family said...

We're so happy for you!
Hmmm, how about Trevor-Lynn or Trevor-Ann if it's a girl??

Forever Green said...

Yaaayyyy! Congratulations you guys! So very excited for you!!! Love ya!

Paul White said...

Congrats!! looking for it to be a boy!!