November 27, 2009

A wonderful way to celebrate!

To celebrate our anniversary, we took a drive with the kids AND Cody. Kurt wanted to go explore a campsite he found on the internet so off we went. We never did make it to the campsite but we did drive til the snow got too deep and we couldn't drive anymore. Here are some views along the way:

The drive was absolutely beautiful!

The kids had a GREAT time - and so did Cody!

What a wonderful way to celebrate the beginning of our family. We call it our "family's birthday". Tomorrow Kurt and I get to go on a date! I can't wait!


Melissa said...
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Melissa said...

Love all your pictures! Looked like fun! We celebrate our Family Anniversary every year. It's the the anniversary of our Temple Sealing, the day we became an Eternal Family. We call it our Family Anniversary and we take the kids out on date, they take turns choosing where we go. Yes, we've celebrated at McDonalds before. We love our Family Anniversaries!