November 12, 2009

Watch out Tony Hawk!

On Halloween day, something "clicked" for Evan and he figured out how to REALLY ride his skate board. It was like the balance/coordination/skills just all lined up and he took off pushing with one foot and then riding on it. He is doing so good and LOVING it!

Now everyday he asks "can we go to the skate park?"

Here are some videos I took of him today.

Remember - he just turned 4!

I can't even stand on the darn thing without hurting myself!

Oh, and sorry for the grainy shots - I didn't have our video camera, only our regular camera with the video feature!

Way to go EVAN!


Melissa said...

So, is it wrong to be jealous of a 4 year old?

FandN said...

That is absolutely incredible! Is skateboarding an olympic sport? If so, he's headed for gold!

Forever Green said...

Oh my gosh, I'm afraid I'm gonna be the nervous Nellie type of mom. You're so brave! He is way good at it! I'm jealous too, Meliss! I always thought it would be cool to be riding a skateboard in downtown SLC with my work dress on! Ha ha!