November 4, 2009


Today my baby girl turns 7!!
I can't believe how big she is!
And she started it off first thing this morning - up at 5 am - she didn't want to miss a minute!
Hailey is an amazing child. She has always been so happy. As a baby, her nickname became "Smiley" because everytime she met someone new (even strangers in a store), she would just smile and they all called her Smiley, so it stuck.
To this day, she is still so happy.
Hailey is always friendly to everyone and can make friends where ever we go. She is definitely our most social and outgoing child.
Hailey can fall asleep anywhere! When 8 pm hits, she is on count down until she passes out. She just can't help it - consequently, she can fall asleep at the funniest places - at the kitchen table, on the stairs, under beds, anywhere.
Hailey has eyes that are 2 different colors. Sometimes they are very noticable and sometimes it is harder to tell. One is more greeny/blue and the other is more hazel with brown in it. I think it is very cool.
Hailey used to have ringlet curls in her hair. I loved it but over the years it has grown out - so sad!
Hailey is also our best decision maker - she can make a decision very quickly and be content with it; while other children spend 1/2 an hour trying to make a decision.
Hailey is also very smart - she started kindergarten at the young age of 4 and has excelled all through school. I was worried about her starting so young but she has proven that she can do it!
Happy Birthday Hailey!
We love you so much!!
Hailey's 1st birthday
Hailey's 2nd birthday

Age 3 - Thanksgiving in Washington

Age 4 - Christmas
(Notice the ornaments are only 1/2 way down the tree - NICE! Evan was a toddler)

Age 5 - Camping in Hope Valley

Age 6 - Soccer game
We hope you have a super, special day Hailey!

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Kaulana, Michelle, & Madelyn said...

Aww Those are the cutest pictures!! The one when she turns one reminds me of Madelyn!! Hope to see you guys soon. Give your family hugs and kisses from us! love you guys!