February 22, 2009

Only with kids

There are situations in life that you can only experience if you have kids. Those of you who have kids know what I am talking about. Those embarrassing, humbling, I'm-never-leaving-the-house-again experiences.

I had one of those today.

Now when your kids are little you kind-of get used to these experiences happening on a more frequent basis. I had learned to deal with them and "roll with punches". Well, as your kids get older, the experiences get few and far between and you get a "false sense of security" that your kids have outgrown them.

Well, today I learned that we haven't.

So, today was our Stake Conference (this is where our church ward meets with other wards in our area to hear from the local church leaders). Well, we meet in a building that has a huge area and there is a stage at the back of the room. They put chairs up on the stage for additional seating. We sat on the ground level about 3 rows in front of the stage. After a few speakers we all stood to sing a song. Evan was standing on the chair next to me. I was focusing on the screen with the words so I could sing along. Suddenly I felt Evan's hand slide down my back. 

Then I felt something slide over my, um, back side. 

I quickly realized that it was my skirt!

Evan was falling off of his chair and he was taking my skirt with him! The skirt had an elastic waist so it easily went with him.

Now the dilemma - save Evan or my skirt? Hmmm.

I grabbed for Evan with one hand and grabbed my slipping skirt with the other - I guess that's what they call multitasking. Well, I managed to get Evan up in his chair and pull my skirt back up. I am still not exactly sure how far my skirt went down (I think about mid-thigh)  - I don't think I really want to know - but I saw enough of my slip to know I was "exposed".

Now it wouldn't have been too bad had only the row behind us been able to see but unfortunately the seats behind us were empty so the whole stage had a direct view. All I can hope is that they were all so busy singing that they didn't see the "show".

Ahhh, the joy of kids! How boring my life would be without experiences like this! You just have to laugh and roll with the punches because what else are you going to do?

I just love this roller coaster ride called parenting!


Paul White said...

you are bound to have many more experiences that will find their embarrassing moments!!

try to find humor in them or as the family gets older it will be harder to deal with Life's Stresses

Judie and George said...

I just want to say that we can all be thankful for slips. Imagine that you might not have been wearing one. Some people don't and it is a recipe for disaster. And I am glad you are a good multi-tasker. It is highly likely that everyone was just looking over the top and didn't even notice you down there struggling with your son.