February 24, 2009

Happy Night!

Last night was just a great night! The kids came home from school happy, they happily did their homework, I had a great time reading with Kayla while Hailey and Evan played happily upstairs (turns out they were scarfing down Valentines candy but, hey, at least they were happy), I happily cooked dinner (doesn't happen every night), Kurt came home from an appointment happy after signing another contract - GO DAD! (okay, this guy is always happy, so I should say he came home happier), we happily enjoyed dinner together. It was just a very HAPPY night.

One of the funniest things last night was that Hailey helped Evan finish his dinner. He has a hard time eating dinner so Kurt and I usually keep telling him to take a bite, etc. Last night Hailey had finished her dinner and decided to help Evan eat his so she was feeding him bites. Evan happily accepted every bite she gave him - GO HAILEY! It wasn't until he tried to speak that we realized that she had been feeding him too fast and he hadn't been able to swallow his previous bites. With his mouth stuffed full of food, he managed to get out "Wow Hailey, you are really good at this!". We all laughed so hard - it was hilarious! She did get him to eat his whole dinner - I think this may be her new job!

From across the table Kurt and I just looked at each other in total amazement of this amazing family we have. We still don't understand where they all came from or how they have grown so fast but we are totally in love with our family. Neither of us would trade this for anything!

We are truly blessed!


Judie and George said...

Great post! It makes me think that being happy must be something about the White men. When people ask George how he is, he always said he is happy. Lucky us!

Shannon said...

These are the kind of days we all cherish! I admire your commitment to your family, it's so neat to see everyone growing up . . . these are the days!