July 2, 2017

The Evan's Cabin ~ Trip #3

We planned another weekend at the Evan's cabin. The original plan was that the cabin would be done and we would have a play weekend but the cabin wasn't done so we made it a work (and maybe a little play) weekend. Work weekends are super fun so we were excited to go either way!

After getting some work done, we took the kids back to the lake, this time with swimsuits. They had a great time! 

Hailey sliding off the slide.

And, of course, everyone needed to take an ice cream break.

These 2 snuggled in the sun to warm up after swimming.

The next day we took the kids back to the stable to do an actual trail ride. They could only do 5 riders at a time so we had to go in groups. So while one group was riding, the other was working.






 Me and Evan

Lincoln, Avery and Rebecca

Lucky me! I got to go on both group rides! 




Kayla, me, Kurt and Hailey

While Doug and Rebecca were working in the cabin, Kurt and I took the kids down to the lake to play in the kayaks.

I was so impressed. Trevor and Grayson were both able to go out in the kayaks by themselves and control them and move around. They did great and are getting so big!!!

 Evan and Trevor




The adults were all working on tiling the master bathroom shower. Doug and Kurt (working in different sections) would measure the tiles, I would cut them and Rebecca would put the thin set on the back of the tiles and hand them back to the guys to install. We had a great system going and having so much fun working together. We looked up and all the kids had migrated into the bathroom with us. We had 11 people in the bathroom!!! It was a family affair!

After we finished putting the tile up, we headed back to the lake to cool off. Our group all jumped off of the dock.

And we all needed some more ice cream!

It was another great weekend and the cabin is looking so good! Doug and Rebecca are doing such a great job! I can't wait to see it all done!

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