July 1, 2017

May ~ We painted the exterior of our house. By ourselves. Are we nuts?

Yes, yes we are!

Memorial Day was quickly approaching and we had no plans. No camping reservations with no real hope of getting any since this is one of the biggest camping holidays. We struggled to figure out what to do with ourselves and our plans changed about a dozen times.

Finally, Friday night Kurt said "let's just paint the outside of the house?" and I was like "ya, right. That sounds like fun." Ever the supportive wife, that's me! But he was serious so he started pressure washing the whole outside of the house.

Saturday we got up and I went to buy paint. I wanted to change the colors but Kurt wanted to keep them the same. Since we were doing it totally last minute, I agreed to keep it the same because I didn't want to be pressured to pick a new color and if we did paint it a new color, I would really want time to figure out the exact color to paint it. So I ran down to the paint store while Kurt started taping off the windows. I bought 2  five gallon containers of the yellow color and 1 gallon of the trim color.

It was a beautiful weekend to be outside working.

We painted . . .

and painted . . .

and painted.

The boys had a great time playing with just about every toy they could pull out of the garage. Our front yard was a mess! 

Then they got out the red solo cups and rode their scooters through them. They left them thrown all over the front yard. It looked like we had a crazy party at our house!

 We got the front of the house painted and had used almost all of the 2 five gallon containers of paint. We still needed to do the back and both sides. The paint store was going to be closed on Monday for Memorial Day so we had to get more paint before they closed on Saturday. We couldn't decide if we would needed 3 or 4 more five gallon containers. I was thinking another 2 for the back and then 1 for each side but Kurt thought was too much. I ran down to get more paint and decided to get 4 because I didn't want him to get almost done and then run out and have the paint store closed.

We didn't work on it at all on Sunday so we were back at it early Monday morning. Our friends, Steve and Christine, text to see if we wanted to go on a hike with them but we said we had to finish painting the house. They were so awesome and said they wanted to come help us paint. My dad also called and offered to help so we said YES! They all came up and helped us with the trim.

Christine and I worked on all the first story gutters together. We loved this ladder that we could stand on together. Hard work always goes so much faster (and is way more fun!) with someone to talk to and laugh with.

By the end of Monday we had the whole house painted yellow and the front yard trim done. We couldn't have done it without the awesome helpers that came over!

All that was left was the trim work in the back and the 2nd story gutter. Kurt and I worked on those every evening for the rest of that week.

And we got it done! I am so proud of us. Painting the exterior of a house is no joke but we did it! I was worried there would always be little things that needed to be finished and that it would be one of those projects that never got completely done but it's not. We finished!

Our little helpers were never far away! Love these boys!

Oh, and just for the record - Kurt was right. We only needed 3 more five gallon containers of paint. So we have a lot (and I mean A LOT!) of left over paint, probably about 7 gallons. Whoops! My bad! So if anyone wants some yellow paint, we can help you out!

 Also, if you are going to repaint your house, I recommend using the same colors because it would have been twice as hard if we had changed colors. Kurt for the win on that one too!

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