June 28, 2016

Evan's End of School Fun

Evan had a lot of fun crammed into the last few weeks of school. 

On May 18th, I helped with a field trip to Old Sac and the train museum and old school house. It was a lot of fun. Since Evan just went back to school in March, he hasn't been with the class that long and I don't know very many kids. I was assigned a group of 4 boys and didn't know their personalities. We had a lot of fun though. They were very good kids. There was only one that I kept losing. He kept taking off to the next thing without waiting for the group. We always found him quickly so it didn't cause me too much stress.

After the train museum we had lunch and then went to the old school house. When you walk in the doors, it becomes 1800-something. Boys sit on one side of the class and girls on the other. Also, whenever you are called on, you have to stand up and bow before you can speak. It was pretty fun learning about the good ol' days.

Then on May 27th, Evan had a music concert. This year they learned to play the recorder so they had a recital for the kids to show off their talents.

I think he had a good time!

On the last day of school, Evan's teacher, Mr. Richmond, has a special award meeting in his classroom. He brings each child up and gives them an unique award. When he first started I thought "how many things is he going to repeat trying to get through the whole class" but he didn't repeat once! It was a very moving experience. He sang each child's praise and then gave each of them a little piece of advise or encouragement. It was amazing how well he knew each child! It was very special!

Good bye 4th grade - Hello 5th grade!

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