June 30, 2016

All Stars

Evan was chosen to play in the All Stars Basketball game this season. Every season the coach gets to pick 2 of his best players to play in the All Star game. Evan hasn't been picked before so he was super excited he was chosen.

Well, he was super excited until about 30 seconds before warm ups started and then he had a moment of panic set in. I told him to just get on the court and start shooting baskets and it would work out. For the most part it did but he still wasn't 100% the whole game. He was a little intimidated with the fact that these were the best players in the league and he didn't have his friends with him.

He played hard though. It is a little crazy because the team has not ever met before so the coach has about 10 boys that just show up and he doesn't know their skills or positions they play and he has to just go for it. His coach was really nice but the boys just didn't seem to gel as a team. They definitely struggled with teamwork.

I think they were all struggling with not having friends there or something. None of them were on top of their game. As you can see on the score board below, they struggled bad . . .

but the other team didn't. They gelled just fine and played hard. The final score was 40 something to 20 something. It was a hard loss.

He had fun though and it was a good learning experience for him to have to play without friends. Next time I don't think he will be quite so intimidated.

We were sure proud of him for getting chosen ~ especially after the scare with his foot.

Way to go Evan!

Another great season!

We decided to sign him up for summer basketball too so be prepared for more basketball pictures in July! Then we will be on to soccer . . .

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