September 21, 2013


What a morning.

It is nice and cool outside after a night-time rain, Trevor is playing quietly (until I typed that line and now he is yelling at me - sheesh!), the big kids are either still sleeping (it's 8 am) or playing on their iPads (since they don't get them during the week, I let them play on them Saturday morning), Kurt is at an appointment, we don't have to be to a soccer field until 9:30 . . .

Ahhh, I am just enjoying the morning and I thought, hey, I should blog! So here I am.

I have so much to catch up on but I thought I would start with the funnest date night that we have had in a long time. 

Last night we went out to dinner with 5 other couples. We had a nice, grown up, adult dinner and then we went and let our wild sides out with a little laser tag! OH MY GOSH - SO MUCH FUN!

First we had a little (ok, a lot) of trouble understanding the different games/plans/packages and couldn't figure out what we were doing. The teenagers that worked there thought we were crazy, I am sure, but once we got past paying for the games, we were ready to go!

Now they "randomly" make the teams but we found it "odd" that the couples were all split up. Not a single husband was on the same team as their wife. Hmmm . . . how "random" is that?

Anyways, the red team was: me, Amanda, Marty, Doug, Debbie and Jenna.
The blue team was: Kurt, Erik, Lorraine, Rebecca, Debbie's husband (yikes, I can't remember his name  - so sorry!) and Jared.

Now you might notice that the teams were not evenly male and female. (Oh ya, there were 2 teenage boys that were playing in our game too, poor kids.) The red team had 4 girls, 3 boys and the blue team had 2 girls, 5 boys. One would naturally think that the team that was mostly boys might cream the team that was mostly girls but oh no, the girls threw down! The red team totally dominated it! GIRL POWER! Also, it might have had something to do with the fact that Marty loves to hunt, knew the secret to scoring lots of points and had played there before but those are just minor details, right? GO GIRLS! =-)

We played 2 sessions. This is where we got all confused about the games and playing so let me explain so you don't look like goobers like us trying to figure it out. Each session is made up of 4 quarters (I don't remember how long each quarter is) and there is a little break for a "half time." In the first session, the red team completely dominated and creamed the blue team and won all 4 quarters and therefore the session.

Now being the old fogeys that we are that don't get out of our houses much, we didn't know we had paid for 2 sessions so we came out of the first session hot, tired, exhausted, sweaty and totally exhilarated and were told that we got to do it all over again! Woo Hoo!

Unfortunately, 2 couples (plus the teenage boys) had to go so it left just 4 couples to play and since the spouses had all been separated, it left the teams 4 and 4 with 2 girls and 2 boys on each team. Let the battle begin!

Once again, the red team beat the blue team for the first 2 quarters and we were thinking it would be a shut-out but something happened at "half time" and the blue team came back out fighting. Erik (blue team) found a great spot that he could protect his sensors so the red team couldn't shoot him and he could hit our "base." Blue team kicked butt for the last 2 quarters - way to go blue team! So we called the last session a tie.

Holy cow - can I just say how much fun it was. It was a BLAST! I think what made it extra fun was that we were the only ones in there so we knew everybody. That makes it extra fun!

Here is {part of} our laser tag posse:

 Erik, Amanda, Me, Kurt, Lorraine, Marty, Rebecca and Doug

One more time - SO MUCH FUN! I think we may all be addicted - already planning our next battle! You should come join us!

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