September 13, 2013

A Little Weekend Home Improvement Project

When we moved into our house, the fireplace just had one 12" x 12" tile on each side all the way around. A few years after we moved in, we built a mantel and tv cabinet along that wall. The wood work covered some of the tiles but left most exposed. I have always thought it looked a little funny because you could see some but not all of the tiles. Whatever, we lived with it.

A couple of months ago, Kurt brought home a stone sample that he had been showing to a client for an outdoor BBQ. We both really liked it and thought we should put it around the fireplace but that was as far as we got. The sample then sat in the office on the floor for months collecting dust and dog hair.

When T broke the fireplace glass awhile ago we thought "hey, we should put that stone on now that it is all taken apart." But it didn't happen then either.

Then about 2 weeks ago Kurt was down in Sac near the stone place and called me and said "are you serious about that stone?"

"Yep," I replied.

So he picked it up on his way home. That weekend we FINALLY got to working on it!

Here are the before pics:

And here are the afters:

We are very happy with the way that it turned out. 

Yeah for a completed project!
(Because you know - sometimes these projects can drag on and on).

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Amanda said...

That looks AMAZING!!! Can you do mine next?