May 19, 2013

My new toy {that I got a totally killer deal on} FINALLY arrived!

I have always thought having a KitchenAid Stand Mixer would be a nice thing to have but there was no way I would fork out three-four-five or six HUNDRED dollars for one. I am just way to cheap so it was a luxury that I admired from afar.

But with all my "new" recipes being made from scratch, it was sounding like a better and better idea to have one. So one day a few weeks ago I got on the Kohl's website to see what they had available and how much they were. Well, wouldn't you know it was one of the featured items on their home page and it was on SALE!!!! Plus it had a rebate!!!! Plus I had a coupon!!!! Plus I had Kohl's cash!!!! Here is how it broke down:

$300 regular price

$230 sale price
<$10>  Kohl's cash
<$66>  30percent coupon
+ $15   shipping and tax
<$30>  rebate
$139.00 final price!!!

How could I resist? So I ordered it right then. They only had white available but I wasn't picky. Delivery was about 1 week out. So I waited and kept tracking it on the UPS website except I could tell something wasn't right because that UPS website never changed. Hmmmm . . . so I waited until the day after it was supposed to be delivered by and sent an email to Kohl's customer service. They researched it and got back to me saying that something had gone wrong at UPS (whether it was a Kohl's label problem or a UPS problem, I don't know) but it had been returned to Kohl's and my account would have the return credited to it!


This happened on a Friday and I didn't have time to call them that day so on the next Monday (which was last week) I called them. They looked into and apologized for the error and would be happy to reorder it for me and honor all the discounts I had used. Phew! Except they were now out of stock.


So I would have to check the website and watch for it to become available again and then call and reorder. The guy was very nice and made a big note on my account that they had to honor all the pricing. It was quite funny because he added it up several times and finally said "Uh, ma'am. You know you are getting a really good deal on this, right?" "Yes" I responded. "Like, you are getting it below cost, ma'am." I knew it was a good deal but I didn't know it was that good! But it was only a good deal if I could actually get it. He said to check back weekly. Oh boy, this could be a process.

But the very next day I felt like I should check online and guess what? It was available!!!! But only in silver this time, but like I said before, I didn't care about the color so I quickly called them back up and reordered it. This guy too kept questioning the amount but realized that he had to honor it so he reordered it for me. Now I just had to wait again and see if it showed up.

So I waited and waited and you know what? All this week I never received that email letting me know that it had shipped and what my tracking number was. Great. Now what happened? So I planned on calling them on Monday (tomorrow) to see what was going on.

But to my surprise, it showed up yesterday! WOO HOO HOO! Kurt said "did you see what is on the porch?" "No" I said because I wasn't expecting anything until next week because the estimated delivery dates were the 20th-23rd. I went out front and there it was!

I couldn't contain my excitement. And last night when I checked my email, I had received the email stating that it had been shipped and gave me a tracking number. Not too sure what to think about that but whatever - I got my new toy!

Now I'm off to do some bakin!

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