May 28, 2013

Hey Tuesday, you are not playing very nice this morning

I am hoping that if I just call Tuesday out on it's "not niceness" that maybe it will be nicer. By 7:45 this morning I had already had a pretty tough morning. And I have no idea why. I tried to prepare and anticipate all that could happen so I was ready but Tuesday didn't play nice and pulled out all sorts of unexpected punches.

We pulled the kids out of school last Thursday and Friday so we could have a super long and fun Memorial Day camping trip, which I will post about in a day or so. I told the kids' teachers that they would be gone and asked for any and all work that they would need to do and then when I picked them up last Wednesday we worked our booties off getting it all done. I REPEATEDLY asked the girls if they had anything else they needed to do. I was a little crazy about it but I wanted it all finished before we left. They reassured me that there was nothing else.

Then Tuesday came along. Hailey came in this morning crying because she has a test TOMORROW where she needs to know all the states, where they are, their capitols and where all the capitols are located. Are you kidding me? Okay, so I dug out the flash cards that I made last year for Kayla and told her to get studying.

Then as we are walking out the door Kayla mentions that she needs me to look over her essay and print it for her. So I run back inside and print it, we didn't have time for me to read and correct anything. I really hope Siri was a good listener as she spoke it into her iPad.

As I was walking out the door I noticed a note on the board about Kayla having a speech due today. With dread in my voice I asked "Kayla, is your speech done?" I closed my eyes as I waited for her response.

"What speech?" Not the response I was hoping for. So she went to school without a speech. Hopefully today isn't her day to give it.

I was ready to strangle my girls. Seriously? After all my nagging and questioning and pestering last week, you pull 3 things out on Tuesday morning??!! Urgh!

Then when I went to put Trevor in the car I realized that we left his car seat in Kurt's truck and Kurt is a good 30-40 minutes away from us. So I had to put him in Evan's booster with only the seat belt across him. I am a car seat nut so this was totally not ok but what else could I do?

So I got them to school on time. That's worth something, right? Sure, but Tuesday wasn't done with me yet.

Last week I bought Trevor a brand new pair of sneakers. While packing for our trip, I found one in the car but couldn't find the other one anywhere. It was driving me nuts. We had had them for like 2 days and had already lost one. Driving out of town I had the thought that I bet one of the kids knocked it out of the car when I dropped them off at school on Wednesday so I planned on going to the lost and found this morning to see if it was there. We got to school and I had Evan and Hailey stay in the car with Trevor while I ran to check really quick. I got up to Wendy, the crossing guard, and she looked at me and said "Your shoe!" I said, "You have my shoe?" "Yes, I saw it last week and was going to give it to you the next day but I didn't see you." I explained that we had left town for the weekend. She had it sitting on this fire/water pipe thing right next to where she stands so she could easily hand it to me. I was so excited to find the shoe!!! YIPPEE!! I grabbed it off the pipe and stood talking to her for just a few minutes.

Now this is where Tuesday got really mean. A little birdie had done a little doodie on that shoe, which I didn't know. I had had a little itch on my face while I was talking to her. It wasn't until I got back to the car that I realized bird doodie was all over my hand . . .

"No, no, no" I start saying. Sure enough, I looked in the car mirror and there is bird doodie on. my. face.


Have you ever wanted to totally freak out but you couldn't because you are an adult with kids watching you. So I calmly {on the outside, on the inside I was totally freaking out!} looked for the diaper bag so I could get the wipes. Oh, but wait, the diaper bag got taken out for our trip. No wipes.

Panic was starting to set in. I frantically start digging around in the car because there has to be something. A lost wipe somewhere? A lost tissue maybe? A piece of paper? Anything? Nope, I had cleaned out the car last week and I have to say I did a very thorough job!

But I did find a little first aid kit. Maybe, just maybe, there would be one of those medical wipes in there. YES! Found them.  So I frantically scrubbed my face and my hand with a wipe that basically disintegrated as I used it. I got a second one out and continued to scrub. Those wipes are worthless but I got it to the point where I could drive home without causing an accident, hopefully.

I came home and scrubbed again. I still feel dirty and gross and completely contaminated by that doodie.

So Tuesday, could you please be nice to me now?

And if not? Well, that's ok. I'm tough. I can handle it. A little doodie on the face never stopped me before and it won't stop me today.

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Amanda said...

I LOVE reading your blog! You make me laugh almost every time! Sorry about the doodie. I can totally relate about the freaking out thing!