February 21, 2013

Working my dream job

I am a numbers girl. Always have been. Always will be.

Math was my subject in school. I loved it. All the time. Loved math homework. Loved. Loved. Loved.

English Essays were, and still are, my arch-nemisis. I will do anything to avoid writing an essay. If somebody needed to torture me to get information out of me, all they would have to do is make me write an essay and I would spill my guts. I can't stand writing because it is so subjective. It depend on what kind of teacher you have, what kind of mood they are in when they read it, if it is the first essay they read or the last. There are just too many variables.

Not in math. I don't care how old you are, what grade you are in, what school you go to, who your teacher is, 2 plus 2 will always, and I mean always, equal 4. There is no subjectivity to it at all. It is the same no matter what. I love that!

I also love pushing buttons. No, not other people's buttons but buttons on machines, especially cash registers or adding machines. When I was little, I literally saved up my money to buy an adding machine similar to this one:

Oh man, I added til my little heart couldn't add any more. I played store, restaurant, library, whatever occupation I could think of that needed to have buttons pushed on this little machine. I was in heaven.

To this day, every time we go to Sam's Club or Costco and walk down the aisle with cash registers, Kurt will tease me. He always says that he will get me one for Christmas. I tell him we just need to switch to an occupation that requires one. They just aren't too practical in landscaping.

Well, this is the one week of the year where my dreams come true! 

The Scholastic Book Fair at the kids' school! 

Last year I signed up to help because it just sounded kind of fun and I needed to get some more volunteer hours logged. I had sooooo much fun that this year I signed up to help way more.

We get to decorate (something that I struggle with) and organize (something that I enjoy) and read to kids and watch them get so excited about books. It is just so fun!

Here are some snap shots I took the other day while working:

The teachers got to come in before the fair was actually open and stock pile their "wish baskets" so if parents want to donate books to their classroom, they can purchase right from the basket.

But the BEST part of all . . . .

I get to work a real cash register!!!! 

It has a little scanner gun and everything. It is so fun! Maybe I have a little too much fun. Yesterday Kurt brought me lunch and while we were eating, some girls came in during recess and wanted to purchase books and so I had to "ring them up." Kurt looked at me and smirked because he knew how much fun I was having. I got embarrassed or self conscience or something and started battling the giggles. It was funny.

I also volunteered to close every day and help balance the registers so get to use my mad math skills and add up all the money and make sure we balance to the exact penny. Oh, so fun!

Ok, so now you know exactly how weird I am but oh well. I am having a great week and loads of fun. Sure my house is falling apart and I haven't worked in the office all week but it's ok because for one week I get to totally work my dream job and I am going to enjoy every minute of it. It all ends tomorrow and I am sure that if I did this everyday, all day it wouldn't be any fun anymore but I don't so you gotta enjoy it while you got it!

And I am en-joy-ing it!

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