February 5, 2013

Oh how I miss the curls

Trevor's hair was getting out of control. It was getting so long but it was so curly that it would spring up on top of his head. But see how long it was:

I just love this curl that would hang on his forehead.

 So cute but a little crazy.

So we decided to cut it. Give the boy a sucker and you can do just about anything to him. He sat in a trance the whole time.

It was the first time he had ever watched Thomas on tv so maybe that helped to distract him too.

And the curls were gone although it still had a curve to it.

Big boy hair cut.

So cute but I miss the curls. He got his hair cut a few weeks ago so it is starting to get longer again . . . and I think the curls are coming back! Yippee!!

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