September 26, 2012

Oh, that stinkin' dog!

Mornings around here are pretty crazy. No matter how hard I try to get everything organized the night before, we still all run around crazy. Drives me crazy. I don't like repeating myself 4 times asking someone to do something. Urgh! So we are working on it.

Well Monday morning was just as crazy as the rest of them. We ran out of her barely in time to get Kayla to her first class on time. After I dropped all the kids off, I went over to pick up a lab slip from my doctors office. They didn't open until 8:30 so I had a 1/2 hour to waste. I went over to the Nugget Market, which I never shop at because of their prices, and just wandered around.

At about 8:25 my cell phone rang. I looked at the caller and it was my neighbor. I immediately thought something wasn't right because she never calls me on my cell. I answered it and she said that another neighbor brought our dog over to her house because he was out front. I told her that it couldn't be Cody because he had been in Evan's room when we left. She said "well, he's black, has a blue collar and the name White is on the collar." Sounds like Cody. So she told me that they put him in the backyard. I thanked her repeatedly.

When I got home, sure enough it was Cody in the backyard. I have NO idea how he got out. No clue. Last I saw him he was in his crate (with the door open) in Evan's room. Sometime during all the craziness, he made his escape. I was so thankful for the neighbors!

So, this morning was crazy again. We were all running around and Hailey couldn't find her shoes. No matter how many times I ask and remind them, they don't put their shoes in the garage. We finally found them and ran out the door rushing to school again. I backed out of the garage, shut the garage door and started to pull forward when I had the thought "where's the dog? The door has been open for awhile while we hunted for shoes. Where's the dog?" So in a panic I hopped out and ran to our dining room window, which was open because it was a cool morning.

"Cody," I yelled. Nothing. "CODY!" Nothing. Oh no. So I ran to Evan's bedroom window, also open, trying to see if he is locked in his crate or in Evan's room. The way the blinds were tilted, I couldn't see his crate so I yelled "CODY!" Nothing. No noise at all. Oh man! So I ran to the gate and into the back yard hoping that we left him outside. Nope. So I went to the kitchen window "CODY!" Nothing.

As I ran to the front yard to open the garage door, all I could think of was "do I take the kids to school and then look for the dog, which means he could get farther away, or do I keep them here and we all look and then they are late for school. If I send them to school without knowing where the dog is, are they going to be able to focus or be too worried?" I ran in the house thinking maybe he somehow got stuck in a room upstairs. Nope. Panic was really starting to set in now.

I ran into Evan's room to check the crate door and guess what? There is that stinkin' dog just laying in his crate, with the door open, looking at me like "what is with all the noise? I'm trying to sleep here!" Not once did he bother to get up, respond to his name or make any sort of noise so that I knew he was there.

Oh, that stinkin' dog!

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