September 20, 2012

Labor Day Hike

We usually go camping on Labor Day but it just didn't happen this year. I still wanted to do something as a family though. I didn't want to sit at home with all the chores calling my name and the kids trying to sneak off to watch tv. I wanted to do something fun. So I asked our friend if she knew of a fun, easy hikes to do with kids and she did. So off we went. 

Now, let me just say that everyone else was not thrilled with my idea. Apparently being lazy and watching tv sounded like a lot more fun to some of my kids but I dragged them along because "we are a family and we are going to have fun together so get in the car, smile and HAVE FUN!" Ya, it was one of those kinds of trips.

So it was a pretty cool hike. Although I think it would be WAY better in the spring when water is actually flowing in all the little creeks you cross or walk along or see. Not so exciting when it's dry. We will definitely do it again in the spring time.

Hiking with my baby and my man:

So you reach this point were you walk along this long bridge thing. It was really cool.

Then you get to a turn off and you get to zig-zag down the ramps. Doubly cool.

 Evan going down:

Hailey going down:

At the bottom of the ramp was a little pond so we stopped, sat in the shade and had lunch.

And where are is a pond and rocks,
 rock throwing and splashing will occur.

Marty was the thrower and Kurt was the photographer.
The kids were the screamers =)

Then we thought it would be cool to get a picture of all the kids with a splash in the background. But I am sure you can imagine that timing a picture with a splash and all the kids looking at the same time, would be rather difficult. 

Here is what Kurt got:
Missed the splash.

And here is what Lorraine got:
 Got the splash but not 2 kids looking. So use your imagination and put the two together and we got the perfect picture!

 Also, this was the picture that put Kayla over her limit. She was a little challenging that day being that she didn't want to go to begin with. Then she didn't like the splash happening behind her. Oye! It had been so long since she had been difficult that we felt rather out of practice. We weren't quite sure what to do with her. But luckily she was a bit out of practice herself at being difficult because she wasn't that bad and we so we were able to work through it.

 At the end of the trail. 
All smiles for this little guy!

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