August 28, 2012

Virginia - Part 3

Ok, so honestly, this post was suppose to be a quick little "catch up" with only a few pics of each event we have done this summer. It was a compromise between the 2 sides of my brain - one side is the OCD part that says posts need to be in chronological order with ALL the pics and the other side is the realistic side that says that if I do that, this blog will end up just like my scrapbooks - neglected and waaaaaay behind. So they made a compromise and were going to do a quick little update.

Well, while going through the pictures trying to decide which ones would make the cut, the OCD part of my brain said "they are all so great! You can't leave anything out!" and so here we go: Each event will get it's own separate post.

Here is the conclusion of our Virginia trip:

We went to get pizza for lunch one day:
 I believe we finished off 6 whole pizzas. The lady brought us a "to go" box but we didn't need it. Every piece was gone and we were all stuffed.

One of the activities that the Truman's brought was crafts. The kids had a great time being so creative! I have some very beautiful magnets on my refrigerator that will forever remind us of our fantastic trip!

We had a great time at the pool. The water was heavenly! And by heavenly, I mean I could walk right in it was so warm. I am a big cold water wimp and for me to get in a pool it has to be just right. This was just right and wonderful!

Kurt also had the kids stand in a line on the edge of the pool facing him and then one at a time they fell sideways into the pool like dominoes. It was so fun! If I could get videos to load I would include it but I haven't had any luck with that lately so you will just have to picture it in your mind.

There was a diving board that was super fun too. One time Evan got to the edge of it and jumped and totally did a front flip. He got out of the water and said "I didn't know that was going to happen." Ha ha ha! We didn't either little buddy. After that, he was front flip obsessed and constantly worked on it. I have that on video too but oh well.

One day we went to a blueberry farm where you got to pick you own blueberries.

We tried to go early before the heat attacked but it was still rather warm.

And just in case you were wondering how many pounds of blueberries 21 people could pick, it was 22 POUNDS! We had more blueberries that we knew what to do with so we made blueberry muffins, the girls made a blueberry cake-thing and we had blueberries with every meal. They were soooooo goooood! We always had a bowl of them on the table and I ate them constantly like they were candy.

Spencer had to leave early for a boy scout activity so before he left we got a picture of all the kids on the stairs. Mine are in there somewhere =)

Kurt impressed his woman with his mad stilt walking skills.

Evan tried on the little stilts. Aunt Jenny also showed off her stilt skills!

Evan also became obsessed with the pogo stick. At first he could hardly get on it but by the end of the day he could do a few jumps. The next day he could do 10 and from there he took off. Kurt told him if he did 100 jumps without stopping, he would buy him one when we got home. We were proud owners of a pogo stick the day the plane landed in Cali.

Before the trip, Jenny had asked us to email her a family picture for a surprise she was doing. On Sunday we got our surprise. She had had family pictures made into puzzles. So we all sat down and worked on our family puzzles.

They turned out so cute!
  What a great surprise! We have ours laying on the old family desk in our room.

Sunday was also Jared's bday! Happy Birthday Jared!
We sang, he opened presents, we partied.

And then sadly, we had to leave. Our flight was first thing Monday morning and so we had to make the 2 hour drive to DC Sunday evening. We had a blast and wish the time didn't go so fast! Why do vacations just fly by? It's not fair!

Thank you so much Truman and White families. We had a great time and can't wait to see you all again. Hopefully sooner than 2 years again!

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