August 29, 2012

Off to the Oregon Coast

We got home from Virginia and, I think, about 12 days later we left for a trip up to the Oregon Coast. Kurt's cousins from Washington so nicely invited us to join them for their family vacation. So off we went again!

Now, I am getting old and just had a baby (okay, so maybe the baby is now over a year old but I'm looking for any excuse I can find here people) so I don't remember details like I used to. Anyways, one day we drove to a light house and, of course, I don't remember the name of it BUT it was pretty cool. This guy (leaning on the wall) was very informative and shared a lot of knowledge with us. They did offer tours to go up in the lighthouse but only 5 people could go at a time and it went every 30 minutes. When you have a party of 40, that doesn't work so good so we listened to him and he answered all of our questions.

Also at the lighthouse parking lot was a little hike that lead to the Octopus tree. I think you can see how it got it's name.

The hotel was right on the beach. It was so awesome! The kids could run down there and play in the sand and we could see them from our room. We spent a lot of time on the beach.

Kurt and Matt went and bought big, grown up shovels so the men, um - I mean, the kids - could play in the sand. The dads, along with the kids, had a lot of fun digging holes!

My baby boy at the bottom of one hole!

Here we are just relaxin' on the beach. It was so wonderful to sit and talk with family.

The tunnel

Notice the dads have the shovels =)

There was an indoor pool that we went in a few times. Let me just say that when you get 40 people in a cement room, noises ECHO like no tomorrow. It was so noisy in there! But the kids had fun so that's what's important. Oh, and Kurt did his kids line up on the side of the pool and domino-fall into the water. Have it on video, but like I said before, videos no worky =(

Another day we went to the Tillamook Cheese factory. Yum!

How many could we cram into the car?

Cheese samples

The factory

Here you can actually see the factory

And of course we had to try the Tillamook Ice Cream! Double yum!

I honestly have to say that since this trip I have become a Tillamook snob. I will only buy Tillamook Cheese now. It holds a very special place in my heart!

Speaking of my heart - I had a love note in the sand!

The last night there we did a fire on the beach and roasted smore's. I ran up to our room so I could get a picture of our group.

And here is a zoomed in shot

Kurt dug out a "bench" for the kids to sit on while they roasted their marshmallows. 

The morning we left we took a group shot. Now, I knew we were a big group but I had no idea how big until I saw this shot. I love this picture! What a great group we were!

 Thank you so much to everyone who helped plan, shop, prepare, organize, and cook . . . it was WONDERFUL, AMAZING, and SUPER SPECIAL!

We can't wait to be able to see everyone again!

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Siri said...

So glad someone took pictures and posted about it. We are so sad we didn't get to come. Traveling that far with a newborn just didn't work out. Maybe next time.