July 9, 2012

Our Virginia Trip - Part 1

We just got home from a FANTASTIC trip to Virginia. And by just got home I mean we literally walked in the door a little over an hour ago. We had such a great time (which means we have lots of photos to share) and I wanted to get this trip blogged because we have another trip coming up and I don't want to get behind. So, this trip will be posted in a few posts because 1) there are lots of photos and 2) I have been up since 2 am pacific time (5 am east coast time) and, I will be honest, I am TIRED! 

We went to visit Kurt's brother Jared (and his family) and his sister Jenny (and her family). Jenny's family drove up from North Carolina to spend a week with us. Jared has 3 kids, we have 4 and Jenny has 8. To do the math for you, that was 6 adults and 15 kids staying in one house. Jared - I hope your house is still standing =)

I just have to say that Jared has the best water heater EVER! 21 people showering, dishwasher constantly going and washing machine constantly going and no one ever ended up with a cold shower. That company should do a commercial about that!

So here are our activities for Monday the 2nd and Tuesday the 3rd:

Monday we flew from Sac to Seattle and then Seattle to D.C.

Here is T-man on the way to the airport. Such a cutie!

On the airplane:

Ready for take off!
(Notice the happy, excited faces. Those were NOT the faces we had today on the way home).

I love flying from Sac to Seattle. You pass the most beautiful mountains. There are like 5 or 6 of these beauties. It is so cool to see them dot the landscape all the way up to WA.

So Trevor is an amazing sleeper. I just put him in his crib and he goes to sleep. It works great . . . until we are somewhere else - like church or, apparently, an airplane. He was so tired but would not go to sleep. He was hitting, screaming, crying, kicking, bitting me and that was all in the first 20 minutes of the 1st flight. I was not sure this trip was a good idea. And then finally, FINALLY, he fell asleep - after me bouncing him for what felt like forever. I very carefully went back to my seat, put the arm rester things up and fell into Kurt's lap. Neither of us moved until he woke up. Then he was a much happier baby. (Notice Kurt's arm pinned between Trevor and the chair. I am sure it had to of fallen asleep but he never complained. What a great guy!)

So our flight from Seattle to DC was delayed an hour so we didn't arrive until 11 pm and then we had the 2 hour drive to the Richmond area of VA. (They technically live in Midlothian but I thought you would recognize Richmond better.) We didn't get to their house til 2 am. Switching time zones is such a pain, especially with a baby, but we did good overall. Getting up in the mornings was a bit hard for us to adjust to. Our Truman cousins (Jenny's family) get up early - like 5 or 6 every morning; which is 2 or 3 to us. I felt like a tired zombie most mornings. Probably looked like one too! =)

Tuesday was Megan's 15th birthday! Happy birthday Megan!!!! She opened family presents that morning and then a surprise present showed up at lunch time - a new phone! I think she was happy, don't you?
 (Megan and Jared)

That afternoon the Truman cousins arrived and we celebrated Megan's birthday some more. She had the yummiest dessert! It was an Oreo cookie, mint ice cream cake with homemade fudge. It was to die for! I begged Dianne for the recipe and she graciously shared. I can't wait to make it again.

 (Jared, Ryan (tie-dye shirt), Megan, Chad (in the background), Katie (next to Megan), Hailey (next to Katie) and Jessica (behind Hailey)

Oh boy, ready? Left to right (going around the table): Jenny, Bradon, Emily, David, Michael, Evan, Kayla, Gavin, Jared, Megan, Katie, Hailey, Hannah and Jessica in the right corner.

The girls hanging out in Megan's room:
Left to right: Kayla (pink top), Hailey (white top), Megan (blue top), Katie (pink top), Hannah (teal shirt), Emily (behind Hannah) and Jessica (pink top).

That night we played a game but I can't remember the name of it. It was something like Camera Hot Potato. You all sat in a circle and passed a camera around while singing a song and if the song ended on you, you had to take a picture of you and your neighbor by holding the camera out with your arm. It was fun!

 (Spencer and David)

(Kurt and Evan)

Well that was the first 2 days. Now it is 6 pm and Trevor is trying to convince me that it is 9 pm and he is ready for bed. Since he got used to waking up at 6 am back there and I don't want him up at 3 am out here, I am not letting him go to bed quite yet. He is not thrilled with this plan. Hopefully we will all get a great night's sleep tonight.

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