June 25, 2012

We FINALLY went camping again!

Kurt has been dying to go camping again. We were suppose to go on Memorial Day weekend but schedules were super busy and we didn't have a reservation (which hasn't technically stopped us before) so we decided it was just too much to try to go camping too. In consolation to Kurt when the final call was made not to go, I said "let's go Father's Day weekend" just to throw a date out there. Well he thought that that date was set in stone. Unfortunately, we had things going that weekend and couldn't go that weekend either. He was bummed. So that was why I said "we FINALLY went camping again." Kurt waited a long time (ok, really only a few weeks) for this trip!

We have been going to the ocean a lot lately in our camping adventures so we decided to go somewhere different this time ~ off to the woods!

Now I just have to say that Lorraine and I came to some pretty quick conclusions as to why we had been loving the ocean so much. The first ~ the bugs! Mosquitos greeted us right away. Ugh, mosquitos! The second? We'll get to that in a bit.

Right away the kids wanted to get down to business.


They did a great job sitting quietly and waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting.

Unfortunately they didn't catch anything that day. So we found other activities to keep them busy.

ATV rides are so fun!

You get to see some beautiful places.

Trevor trying out the motorcycle.

Trevor loves to put hats on. He found Evan's helmet and wanted to wear it. Cutie Pie!

Ok, so how many people can fit in an ATV?

Our count was 9. And one on a motorcycle.

Marty was awesome enough to teach Kurt how to ride his dirt bike. Kurt has always wanted to learn to ride. Here he is getting all geared up.

While Kurt was wearing the helmet, Trevor discovered his hat and you guessed it, he had to wear it.

Could he be any cuter!!!

And here he is at the end of the trail. He did it! Way to go Kurt!

My boys

Ah yes, now we get to reason #2 of why the beach is better. Sand. Yes, glorious sand. Sand that brushes off. Sand that shakes off. Sand that doesn't smear. But in the woods you have dirt. Dirt that doesn't brush off. Dirt that doesn't shake off. Dirt that the more you wipe at it the more it smears.


More dirt:

Even little man was dirty

I took a wide range of colorful clothes with us but just about everything came back one color ~ dirt brown.

Camping with an almost 1 year old is busy work. He wanted to be down and exploring and walking around. Overall he did a great job! Plus he is just so stinking cute!

Oh Kurt. My dear Kurt. The boy can't seem to sit still. He brought his chain saw and found a log, or two and got to work . . . creating a teeter totter. 

Then when he was done with that, he carved this beauty.

His name was "Tiki Man." We had fun with Tiki Man.

Sunday morning Evan started the fire all by himself. He was so proud of himself.

Sunday morning we went fishing one last time before we headed home. We waited and waited with no luck. Finally it was time to go home so Marty told the kids to real in their lines. And lo and behold Hailey had a fish on her line. Yay Hailey!

So excited but didn't want to touch it!

So Nik held it for her (but notice she is pointing to let everyone know who caught it).

There she is, finally holding it!

Quick funny story, when we came home, we were unloading the trailer and Trevor found the remaining nectarines. He grabbed one took a bite and started running before anyone could take it from him. I was trying to get a picture and he kept running. It was so cute.

So I put him in his chair to eat it. Boy, he loved it!

I decided to peal the skin off and let the boy go to town. He ate quite a bit of it. And man was he sticky when he was done. 

Oh, but it was so good!

So we had a great weekend ~ dirt, mosquitos and all. It was a lot of fun. Can't wait to go again . . . but maybe we will go to the beach! =)

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