May 7, 2012

One busy day

Actually I should say it was one busy week leading up to one busy day.

Not last Saturday, like 2 days ago, but the Saturday before that, April 28th I believe, was one busy day. We started off with our garage sale that morning. Once a year a group of realtors sponsor a community wide garage sale and we decided that if we were going to do one, that would be the day to do it. I had a friend that wanted to do it too so we joined forces. She was waaaaaaay more organized than I was. She started marking and pricing her items way in advance. Me? Ya, I waited until the night before.

We had watched her kids while her and her husband went and did the paperwork for buying their new car!!! So  exciting! Her payment back to me was to come back after putting her kids to bed and stay up with me til way late marking and pricing my things. We got done about midnight. Kurt was thrilled to get his boat cleaned out but then it was all over the garage.

We got up super early and started putting our items out. We had a good day; weather was beautiful, traffic was great - thanks to all the advertising done by the realtor group and we made $170. Not bad for spending the day with our friends and getting rid of clutter.

By far the funniest customer was a guy that came by bright and early. We had barely gotten anything out yet and he drives by, stops, gets out of his truck and asks:
"Got any shot guns?"
"Uh, no."
"Any kind of guns?"
"Any ammo?"
"How about any gambling stuff?"
I felt like saying "look dude, we have baby stuff, baby stuff and some more baby stuff. Oh ya, and some household stuff too. You've totally got the wrong house!" But I just politely said "Sorry, no." You never know, he could have been a future customer for my waffle maker, or maybe the milkshake maker would have caught his eye. But apparently he was just into guns and gambling and moved along to the next house.

The most amazing customer was a mom that was 16 weeks along with quads. Yes, quads. She was looking at the baby stuff, obviously. What a great family. We are praying for them to have a smooth, healthy pregnancy.

Then after the garage sale we had a combined birthday party for the girls. Yes, Hailey's birthday was back in November and Kayla's was back in January and we just had a party for them. The previous year I was early prego and so sick I couldn't pull off any parties and last year between losing my mom and having a new baby, birthday parties just were not in my realm of thinking. Soooo, very belated but it counts, right?

Kurt had been working in a yard down in Sac and next door had a birthday party going on. Well they had a DJ guy that Kurt said was amazing. He kept the party going, kept the kids moving and laughing and having fun. So we decided to go big for this party and hire a DJ. We had the party at the park right around the corner from our house. The weather was perfect! I watched the forecast all week with my fingers crossed that it would be nice and it was.

Kurt was right. This guy did not disappoint. He is a PE teacher at a school and has an energy level that did not stop. The girls and their friends had so much fun. Plus, not only is he running the whole party, he takes pictures too! These are all shots from him.

He took a group picture of each girl with her friends.
Kayla's posse

Hailey's posse

Then he took individual shots with each girl with each friend. 
(Hailey is eating a green m&m - lovely)

He goes for 1 hour 45 minutes straight. Does. Not. Stop.
He kept those girls dancing, playing games, laughing. It was awesome.

He did a "run way" where they had to come down the run way and strike a pose. He also had them do it in groups.

And individually. I was SHOCKED Kayla did it by herself but here she is stikin' her pose!

Our Hailey

Cousin Sierra came and helped with the baby. She was a life saver! Thank you Sierra!

At one point he had them standing in a group and they were shouting to a song. Again, he snapped pics as he kept them going.

My (belated) birthday girls

Another group dance

And here is the magic man himself. Steve.

 So the party was a huge success. The girls loved it and had an awesome time. The following Monday I had girls coming up to me after school at pick up time thanking me for inviting them and saying it was the best party ever. Makes a mom feel good.

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