May 21, 2012

Alcatraz Report

Hailey has a history report to do about a place in California that has affected our history AND she has had to of visited that place in the last year. I told her to pick somewhere close! Ha ha!

She chose Alcatraz! So we had to look at our very busy schedule and find a weekend that we could get away to Alcatraz so a week ago we headed to prison!

Here we are on the boat ride over. Oh, and I just have to say that the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!! You never know what you are going to get in San Fran but this day it was amazing!

Gotta fix the hair!

The girls

So if you haven't been to Alcatraz before, they give you headphones and a digital player thingy and you listen to a recorded tour guide all the way through. They do a GREAT job retelling the stories of Alcatraz and the prisoners. You hear voices of prisoners telling stories of things that happened, you hear the slamming of the doors. It is pretty cool.
On the other hand, keeping 4 people synced at the same spot on the recording when everyone wants to stop and ask questions is not so easy.

We tried to lock her up . . .
 but they said they couldn't keep her =)

Little T man was a very good sport.

Hailey and Ev in the library.
 Evan lasted about 1/2 way through before he took off the headphones. They were kind of big for his head and he got tired of them. But then he kept asking questions and we would have to pause our recorders and everyone got really out of sync then.

The kitchen . . . 
and Evan trying to climb the bars again. Stay off the bars Evan! Such a boy - must climb EVERYTHING!

Oh, and then Hailey got to meet a real inmate from Alcatraz. He had been locked up in Alcatraz for 5 years, 12 days for bank robbery.

We were not sure how we felt about him making money off of his crime but it made a good story for the report, which is what we were there for, so okay, cool.

Me and T. He did great until we got on the boat for the ride back. By then he was done being confined to anything! He just wanted to get down and GO!
(Oh, and just so you know, this kid is full on walking now. The last few days he has made it his main form of transportation. Now when he falls, he just stands back up and keeps going. Crazy kid is only 10 months old!)

Good bye Alcatraz!

Now we just need to write a report and make a slideshow presentation. 

Ahhh, homework!

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Veronique said...

Hey there! Just looking through your blog. Roger and I went to Alcatrez last May. Interesting and a little creepy. Your family looks great.